Trinitrotoluene (TNT) and YOU! [Idea brought back to life]

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  1. Okay so I haven't seen any topics (since searching TNT in the forums wont work cause its to short of a word... *hint hint* *nudge nudge*) I haven't seen if its been brought up or not but so far im getting the impression that TNT is no longer usable for anyone. Especially diamond members (while they last).

    So kinda makes me want to bring up my previous idea (mentioned in this thread a long time ago: )

    Though with the way things are I have a slight twist on it that might be more appealing for the mods/admins and a way to keep it slightly regulated as well as a bonus if you support the empire.

    Well my original idea was to allow Veteran Players (1.) the ability to send in an Application (2.) that allows a mod (or possibly a coded program *hint hint* *nudge nudge* Aikar) to look over the application as well as your History (3.) on the servers and then if you look like a low risk it may allow you the use of TNT temp.

    1. Veteran Players: Ones who have been playing on the server consistently (for example: at least once a week or so) for a long period of time (for example: a year, two years?).
    2. Application: A form you fill out on the website (such as a click the box or fill in the boxes with the info needed). With info such as length of time (for example: one hour, day, week, month?) you want to use the TNT for. What the purpose will be for (cleaning out part of my res, use for clearing out a cave, TNT cannon?, etc.)
    3. History: Possibly with use of SQUARE. Will show if you have been in trouble for griefing, or stealing, etc.
    This idea works similar to hunting tags (if any of you are hunters and have played the "Lotto" to see if you can go hunt an animal after you "win" your tag(s)).

    Now this should already help and also promote playing nicely on the server to gain the use of a block to make life a bit easier (and sometimes fun). Because first off there aren't to many players that might be considered veteran players on the server. And some that have already proven to grief a few times or are higher risk would have a harder time passing the application process.

    This also will help with the new supporter system that Aikar is trying to put into place. My idea could be used with the supporters, in that any supporters who fall into the categories and are allowed to fill out the application would automatically get bumped to the top of the list of people being evaluated to be allowed the use of TNT. So mods (or a program ;) ) would check over those applications first. Then regular users would be next. So for regular users you may have to wait a bit longer.

    Also if your planning to actually use the TNT for some work (for example cleaning out a res of dirt) and you knew you wanted to do it in the future you could send in your application early (lets say a month, two months, 6 months even?) and it could get accepted and all you would have to do is wait for it to be turned on (at the time you requested in the forum).

    So what does everyone think? I want to know any feedback from the players and/or mods on this idea to maybe allow TNT once again if this would be okay cause of the EULA. Or if you have any ideas that would be better or improve my original idea? Just try to keep it a civilized discussion.
  2. Yes! I had something saying pay 100k for tnt access awhile ago.
  3. People could get 100k for tnt to grief. I think you can not be banned for griefing. with tnt access.
  4. They are able to check who placed what and when in a given area, and who was in the area at the desired time.
  5. Definitely.
  6. Just because someone's been playing for a long period of time doesn't mean you can trust them.
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  7. Yeah that is true, however its the same with diamond members who got the use of TNT before. There have been a few that have abused that as well. Just its less common for a player who has invested a lot of time into a server to decide to do something to get themselves banned.

    Also with this application it would be even easier to find out who used the TNT to grief combined with the TNT tracker of who placed the TNT. You could easily narrow down the search to what day/time the griefing took place. Like a second piece of evidence.
  8. Please don't list names in this context like that heh.
  9. as for the idea... We will explore ideas for tnt overall. Not sure where it will end up, but we can try to give it to everyone.