What's The Best Version Of Minecraft?

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  1. Hm... well, with every major version since I started following development and probably before it too, there have been at least a few features added I really loved. So I think it wouldn't really be anything other than the most recent version.
    There was one change that ruined a very big part of the game for me, and that change is one of the bigger causes for me not playing Minecraft anymore, social endeavours and the rare messing around on EMC excluded. It is the removal of the water, fire and lava items. I'm not sure when exactly they were removed, but I noticed too late, and it broke my custom map, which had been my main project in Minecraft for years.
    If that change ever gets reverted somehow, which I doubt it would, the newest version will most likely be my favourite. Now, it perhaps is the last version before that change. (I think it was 1.7, might've been 1.8)
  2. Bump :) I might make a Lets play this weekend, just tell me the version you guys like, Ill tally and play :)
  3. What did you think about my reply?
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  4. Its was good :p Ill add 1.7 and 1.8 to the tally :)
  5. I'm gonna place my favorite on 1.11.

    I always love upcoming updates and this update added backpacks, somewhat.

    I have really enjoyed the direction Minecraft is going (except that they haven't made all of the stones act the same as far as crafting goes). The combat update is great for Survival which I mainly play and I bet I will love 1.12.
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  6. You should definitely play 15w14a, like I mentioned :)
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  7. Well, for non-mapmaking, I'd say the newest version, as my post should make clear. ;)
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  8. I'm not sure what the water, fire and lava items are but I want the 1.11. I have only been around since 1.7.10 and I loved the 1.8 update. There were things in it I don't use personally but all in all, definitely enjoyed it, made a good few million off those new blocks which is cool because I had only been playing on emc for a few months before that <3.

    1.9 I loved too, before I even got to play it! Elytra and I don't have to spam click to hit things and get an offhand?! End ships and end cities and shulkers... a little pesky but fun to deal with nonetheless. chorus :confused: that hideous purple block that people try to find reasons to use just so they don't feel like it was a complete waste of an addition xD not to mention I made yet another million+ rupees off the 1.9 update... indirectly thanks to the economy shift in gold, nom nom nom. I did actually like having God apples and being able to beat the sense out of the minibosses on diff 7 without a care in the world lol. so, that's not necessarily a bad thing but, tis what it is. First time I actually fought the ender dragon, so there is that.

    1.10.. bears? uhm... some blocks that could be useful in few rare builds I might make... not really sure what else is there but... WHO CARES?!

    1.11 means I get to go back out into the end and chase down elytra again BUT! this time when I fight those pesky shulkers it will be for good reason because the best thing about 1.11 hands down is those amazing little shells those buggers wear. Too excited for shulker boxes to care about 1.10 almost too excited to be excited for the end journey again. hehe
  9. Bump I make make the lets play Friday (Or Saturday my time)
  10. I love cow noises in minecraft. Strangely it's calming. I don't even kill cows unless it's an extreme survival situation.
  11. I have given this some very thorough thinking and my conclusion is the snapshot versions.

    And not so much because of the new features, but because I feel they truly bring the Minecraft community closer together. Many people pick up the snapshots to play with the new features, but there are also dozens who try to find weird things and issues and then report them, discuss them and also vote on some on the Mojang bugtracker.

    Sometimes tweaks and changes are made solely because of those discussions.

    And there's something to say for trying a snapshot and seeing it corrupt all your world saves. So much fun :D
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  12. The redstone update.
  13. Why not make a Poll, (See if staff can add one here, or use Google Docs...) and list all the versions, and go from there?
  14. Less open to discussion.
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  15. Beta 1.7.3