What's The Best Version Of Minecraft?

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  1. Hi All,

    What is it? 1.11 eww, 1.9 Yea, Common guys tell me :) and why is it your favorite?

    Can't Wait too hear what it is, after a week I will tally the comments to see what version is the best for you.. Yes you the players!
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  2. I am on 1.9, as i am waiting for bugs to get fixed before i update; Also require bugs fixed in my mods, such as Forge, Optifine, Schematica, etc...
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  3. Ooo you from the future? I want screenieeees
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  4. Beta 1.7.3.

    I enjoyed the game intensely back then and whenever I play Minecraft nowadays it's always on that version (or an alpha version, which just remind me of being 10 years old and watching Minecraft lets plays because I didn't own the game yet :p). It's the perfect version of the game for me - they didn't ham it out with needless content and it was what I bought the game for - not the survival game it turned into after the release of Beta 1.8 (which I also enjoy, but less than 1.7 lol).

    Game gets 'okay, you really need to stop now' around the 1.6 full release version.

    Full release 1.8 is where I decided I don't like the game anymore.
  5. ; - ;
  6. 15w14a is the best <3

    Love and Hugs for everyone! :D
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  7. The hopper update
  8. 1.5 the redstone update:D
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  9. I like all the versions but I liked minecraft most before they changed the cow noises. Not because I like the cow noises necessarily, just that time.
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  10. To be honest the 2.0 update looks snazzy. Of course my favorite update though was 1.8.
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  11. Well, my favorite version was 1.8 for quite a while, but right now it's definitely 1.10. For the simple reason that it runs quite smoothly, I really enjoy the structure blocks (allows me to save / backup stuff in vanilla), bone block (a white block with a nice texture) as well as the red netherbrick block.

    The main reason why I prefer 1.10 over 1.9 is because the off hand doesn't jitter while you're mining. I really, really, dislike that because it's way too distracting for me. 1.10 fixes this, unfortunately not (yet?) on the Empire but that's probably caused by the voting gear which resets itself after use.

    I've been very skeptic about the new command blocks (the chain block for example) but right now I can't help but conclude that they're much better than the previous system. For the simple reason that they actually use the order in which you place them. When I used redstone to trigger command blocks you always had to use a weird sequence if you wanted to get something done in a specific order (for example: specifically giving a sword, pickaxe, shovel and axe in that same order). Often the last 2 items needed to be swapped.

    So yeah...

    As to the best version... I don't think there really is one :) Some players still enjoy 1.7 because it runs smoother with several mods, others prefer 1.8 (smoother combat). Which is also why I like Minecraft so much: you can still play all those versions if you want to.
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  12. What did you like about 1.10?
  13. I'll have to say the 1.7 updates before the survival update, and then after official update it would be the 1.7 updates.
  14. Beta 1.7.3 was the earliest version of Minecraft that I can remember playing, back when it was much more simple and the new updates were exciting and fun with nothing to complain about.
  15. 1.3, introduction of villagers and much more :)
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  16. As great as the redsto e update was, 1.6 introducing horses was DA BAST