What sort of token-age you lookin' at?

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  1. I was told when I was young, "never ask a man(or woman) how much money they have or how much they make"...

    but I'm in the rebellious part of my life, and I'm interested in what y'all have!

    Share of picture of how many tokens you have!

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  2. Reserved for posts with screen shots of over 100K tokens!

    Our first 100,000+ tokener is:



  3. I had 52k tokens a few days ago, but I bought an avalauncher for 20k tokens.
  4. Bump, looking for some moar pictures people! make it interesting!
  5. How do I Token?
  6. i had 30k but bought a avalauncher so its at 12k now
  7. I have 26752, through buying an Avalauncher. I've never got any tokens from anything other than voting.
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  8. I had 40k, but now have 4k.
  9. All my tokens are gone after buying avalaunchers.
  10. Just over 47,000 Tokens on my main account, two of my alts have about 20,000 each and my other alt is down to pretty much zero after buying an Avaluncher :p
  11. I completely forgot about alts! :p I have 25215 tokens :)
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  12. After buying 3 ava launchers I'm down to around 20k :(

  13. recently spent some on an avalauncher :p
  14. Another real problem can be asking (some) women about their age. That can also be a very delicate subject for some players :)

    As for me; I am rich :D

    Well, at least richer than I was before I voted. And I'm also slowly but steadily coming back to the amount of rupee's I had when I started. So yah, how much? well...

    For the record; I'm not the kind of player who fully focusses on his credits to be honest, I'm much more interested in gameplay and doing and collecting stuff. So building my house, then filling my storage with goodies which I hope to get during my adventures in the wastelands (maybe a few nether trips as well) and then using all of that stuff to do other cool things.

    Like, for example, building our own small town. My friends and me are seriously looking into that option for the future :cool: Then rupee's can be nice to have so we can buy any missing supplies, but other than that...

    Oh, in case you're wondering; 16 days into the game :D
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  15. For the first time ever, here's my balances released in public :p (I did have 40k tokens before buying stuff).

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  16. I don't have many tokens, but bought an avalauncher like the rest of you folks.
    Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.09.58 AM.png
  17. Most of mine have come from voting, but we do have a sweet enraged mob battle arena (more like a tiny 3 x 3 broom closet! lol) that allows us to fight them and get full tokens and drops.
    Saving up for "Wild Protection", I have no idea how much it is going to cost.
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  18. Oh wow, I thought you had a lot more than that :p