What should I put on my alt's res?

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  1. Hey all. =)

    I have an alt (Ayyyyyyyyy) and a residence for Ayyyyyyyyy. However, I have no clue what to put on this residence! I'm looking for the community's input on what I should build on this residence. Just throw anything out there, and I'd be happy to take it into consideration.

  2. Ship skin farm :3
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  3. Automatic villager farm. All crops go into a chest that everybody has access to.
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  4. samsimx statue #2 with my new skin
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  5. Ship skin *face palm* Sheep skin :3
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  6. A statue of mman2832
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  7. A giant...... HA GOT EM! Naw, as samsimx said a new statue of him :p

    All hail sammy the great!
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  8. A huge trampoline using slime blocks and pistons! :D
  9. A complex devoted entirely to trampolining in the craziest ways possible, of course. :D
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  10. Aikar's AFK trampoline, but much, much more so.
  11. a creepy dark house with armor and heads on armor stands in the basement
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  12. Like this?
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  13. I'm going to go build that now. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!
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  14. a blob ;) jk
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  15. A house like mine
    /v 6049[/spoiler

    Or maybe awesome and make it a ship on sea like that one guy Jwmplo or something like that XD
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  16. Or maybe awesomer like a boat on the sea like Jwmplo or something.like that XD (I know I can just edit my post b4 this but its not working atm )
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  17. Guess what you're going to be finding all over the farm quite soon... :p
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  18. Build a replica of this:
  19. Horse ManEwwEr tribute res, with appropriate empty item frame.
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