What shall we do with the Super Turkey?

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What shall we do with the Super Turkey?

Poll closed Jul 3, 2016.
Kill it! 16 vote(s) 38.1%
Leave it 1 vote(s) 2.4%
Pet it 20 vote(s) 47.6%
Other idea (pls tell!) 5 vote(s) 11.9%
  1. ... early in the morning? ^.^

    shell & me been playing @ smp9 4 fantasy story, shell is gonna write again soon. this one:


    and we found super turkey in Frontier! :cool:

    so what we do with it? kill it or pet it or... it even laid eggs 4 us! ^.^

    we dont know so we decided u should tell us!

    o/~ What shall we do with the Super Turkey, early in the morning? o/~

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  2. and a small bumpy!

    2 ppl want to kill the turkey :mad:

    any animal friends out there? :)
  3. No animal friends... Just slaughter it.
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  4. I just wanna see these two go through the hours of pain of hitting it about 400-500 times. :p
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  5. Slaughter the turkey!
  6. Small fun fact: best weapon we have in our Frontier build is Aya's iron voters sword, so if anyone is going to kill this turkey it'll be her. And well, I once tried to kill one using my (dia) voters sword while we were still on 1.8, and that wasn't easy.

    So this should be one spectacle I can't afford to miss... Would take.... half an hour? :D
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  7. Corner it, put a book on your mouse, and go watch a movie or so :p
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  8. 1.9 combat works like a charm on super turkeys takes time out of your day to spend relaxing hacking at that turkey.
  9. I know just the title: "The invasion of the Super Turkeys!". Sounds like a nice plot :p
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  10. I voted too: "other".

    Maybe we should follow up on all ideas: build a house for it, pet it then kill it :D

    (yes, I'm feeling a bit evilish today) :eek:
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  11. place gravel above it with blocks so it doesn't fall, then crush nd see what happens ^^
  12. Do what I did with a Blizz, put it in a cage and turn it into an exhibit
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  13. Like what wither said, glass/iron bar cage.
  14. i made a blizard into a exhibit but if u want to do it surround it in locked doors
  15. just kill it more are just around the corner.
  16. Its a Super turkey!....give it a super crown.
    Build it a throne.
    Spawn many chicken servants to love and fear it.
    Give it pressure plate activated powers to either dispense seeds to its followers
    or drown them in fire. What will it choose?
    Give it an arrow dispenser to fend of turketarians.
    Give it testificate slaves to auto farm seeds.
    Also submit this turkey for presidential pardon on thanksgiving.
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  17. well, i think poll shows what we should do ^.^

    so this evening were going for it! :mad: and will also time how long it takes :eek:
  18. Nooooo you should pet it! :o
  19. Its regicide!!