What Project are you working on?

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  1. Hi nuttyknight42 here
    Right now I'm working on a self sorting/stocking shop for my boime-mart shop! Also finishing putting villager's in a iorn farm, so I can get more beacon!
    Dig out the are arouned my gurdain farm! Building on my starting res on smp2!

    What projects are you guys working on?
  2. What I'm currently working on:

    Building a 3000 block nether tunnel for my outpost.
    Landscaping my villager trading hall res.
    Stocking my woodshop.
  3. building muscles so i can carry the blocks to make the builds
  4. On EMC, currently working on:
    -Building the Event Centre in BTB City so more of my other projects can move forward,
    -An EMC-related game show for my YT channel
    -Two different parkour courses for my Parkour Res (one is huge)
    -A major project for the Stream Team (that is top secret for the time being)
    -At least three other Stream Team projects
    -And there are also around six res projects I've put on hold until I've gotten the above finished
    -Oh, and two more possible Stream Team projects that are just ideas atm

    I should also add outside of EMC:
    -Preparing to start university in September
    -Watching a ton of sci-fi movies to prepare to rank the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Movies of All Time"
    -Working on a music-based project
  5. On EMC, I am currently working on many projects:

    - Keeping the Wiki updated with correct information
    - Writing blog posts for the EMC Blog
    - <Redacted> build for the Games server
    - My own event/event build that involves fire
    - A special Build Team event build
    - Another small event build (but no fire in this one)
    - Planning for another event...
    - Tearing down my first residence to build a cute village :D

    In summary, a lot of building with some writing mixed in. ;)

    Outside of EMC:
    - Trying to finish a Java developer course
    - Working on commissions
  6. On EMC:
    - Art commissions
    - Repricing and restocking my shop
    - Thinking of what I want to build on my residences

    Outside EMC:
    - Preparing to start college classes next month
    - Art I'm working on for people outside of EMC (not commissions yet though)
    - My writing project and characters (still trying to figure out a plot :confused::oops:)
    - Art for said project

    I hope everyone else's projects go well! :D
  7. Outpost outpost and more outposts. And somd armour stuff :)
  8. - grinding gold blocks because i like gold blocks <3

    - working on placing the villagers on my res

    - sorting through enchanted books
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  9. Things and stuff for the things at the places the things are at.
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  10. On EMC, I'm currently working on FINALLY building a proper house and storage on my res that I can be proud of. Oh and my 3000 days on EMC is coming up so I kinda have plans for a lil event I could do so im getting some rupees to start it up...yeah!
  11. Currently on EMC,
    • Cleaning up and collecting Emerald for my Emerald outlet. (@14169)
    • Starting to build a public and personal villager trading res.
    • Finishing my parkour res. (@14118)
    • Making Walter (dog meme) pixel art on my smp8 res.
    Outside EMC,

    • Get ready for University and moving out.
    • Study for the final exams.
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  12. I had a few projects that I was given a job to work on recently, both of which I have completed recently. :)

    1. Bunjimon hired me to clear out a massive island for him in the wilderness. I leveled it and sank it under the ocean's surface. --- It's with Spongebob now. :D

    2. PupInAction recently hired me to build a redstone item sorter. I had a design in mind but Fate had a more space-efficient design. So I helped build her redstone sorter using his more efficient design. :D

    Personal stuff:

    Honestly, I haven't given that much thought since I dedicated almost all of my time to completing the jobs these two gave me. I'll need some time to figure this out.
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  13. Ive been working on like, a lot of stuff.
    I have a crippling inability to finish projects so here I go:

    In EMC: (most recently worked on to least recently)

    1. Redstone bulk shop on 19057
    2. Auto brewer design
    3. Gold super farm and villager setup
    4. Piglin super barter and sorter prototype
    5. bulk storage on my utopia res
    6. whole lotta TNT for netherite blast mining
    7. shake tables for flowers & the 1.16 fungi stuff
    8. Auxiliary storage hole at my outpost
    9. Stealing & building a pumpkin farm at my outpost
    10. Super smelter array on utopia res
    11. finishing my house on smp5
    12. white glove HQ

    I know I'm missing some but thats all that i can think of

    If you're interested in all projects at my out post, check out this link


    In real life:
    This only gets more fun don't worry

    1. Full time internship
    2. Summer Classes
    3. Research lab
    4. replacing laptop battery, possibly ssd & general cleanings of it
    5. Welding muffler on car & Replacing headlight housings
    6. Attempting to stay in shape (Lmao)

    There's a ton of other stuff i wont mention cause uh yeah personal life

    That's pretty much the bulk of my time these days. idk if sleep should be on there but I don't do much of that anyway :p
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  14. Hello! I'm going to chime in this thread because it looks like fun!

    Stuff I've been working on in EMC:
    1. Gathering 1,000 DCs of horses, trying the beat Sefl in this competition. ;)
    2. Building two mansions.
    3. Gathering people to host a flea market with on utopia.
    Stuff I'm working on outside of EMC:
    1. Writing a movie to possibly be hosted in EMC called My Interior Hero
    2. Working on a comic/script titled I'm right here.
    3. Going to culinary school to become a chef.
    4. Planning to get a job at a restaurant for experience.
  15. Heyo! Here's what I'm working on!

    On EMC:
    - Building my first residence and organizing my items so that I can convert the second(which is currently a mess of storage) into a possible shop.
    - Creating pride flag map art on every smp.
    - Collecting resources for future auctions (currently working on redstone blocks).

    Outside of EMC:
    - Getting back into writing and world building.
    - Setting schedules for myself to have some structure and better use my time.
    - Studying to take the driving permit test so that I can eventually get my licence.

    Everything is a work in progress, haha!
  16. On EMC:
    Showing up to and losing events
    Actually getting around to building a wither skeleton farm
    Forum games, forum games, forum games

    Off EMC:
    Work (bleh)
    Finding all geocaches on this one mountain near me before going back to school
    Pokemon Go tournaments