What kind of music do you like to listen to?

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Which candy would you rather choose?

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  1. Do you prefer Rock, Hip Hop, Slow Songs, Romances, etc. What songs? My Favorite songs are: Come and get your love, Yesterday, Here Comes the Sun, Old time Rock&Roll, and last but not least Don't stop me now. Also what are your favorite artists?
  2. I mostly listen to classical music from the Modern and Romantic eara, and Jazz. My favourite artists must be Melody Gardot (Jazz composer / pianist / vocalist) and Sergrei Rachmaninoff (Romantic composter / pianist)
  3. I mostly like to listen to EDM, Pop, J-Pop, K-Pop, and Acapella. Current favorite song is: Where We Started (ft. Jex) by Lost Sky.
  4. I listen to a lot of everything. Mostly rock music, UK garage, new wave, grime, and shoegaze.

    For example, songs I’m listening to right now:

    Frail State of Mind by The 1975 (UK Garage)
    Street Halo by Burial (UK Garage)
    Hiders by Burial (UK Garage)
    Down Rodeo by Rage Against The Machine (Rock)
    People by The 1975 (post-hardcore)
    Guerrilla Radio by Rage Against The Machine (Rock)
    Last Christmas by Wham! (Synth-pop)
    Insight by Joy Division (Post-punk)
    Age of Consent by New Order (New Wave)
    Polar Bear by Ride (Shoegaze)
  5. Nice poll idea.

    I mostly listen to video game music, but in wildly varying genres. Some examples from very different genres are Donkey Kong Country 2, SimCity 3000, Jazz Jackrabbit, Yoshi's Woolly World and Wario Land 3.
    I rarely listen to pop, with the exception of a certain girl group. Usually when I listen to music it's either my phone on shuffle (which has a lot of different things on it, in over 1200 tracks) or, if I'm at my pc, StreamingSoundtracks.com, which consists of mostly movie soundtracks. I would recommend checking out the latter to anyone interested in film music, as it's really cool but quite old-fashioned, so its popularity has been declining. ;)
  6. Forum Thread Title answer: Video Game Music

    Poll answer: Milky Way FTW
  7. I listen to whatever catches my fancy.
  8. I listen to most genres. From classical to jazz to current pop/rock. Grunge, punk.. sone rap.
    I sing though and my go to is classic rock... mainly 60's to 80's. But also othe tunes that catch my ear.

    Love most of the titles you listed.

    Edit. As i once posted to Otus,
    Its Like you said.. just keep adding to the list... april wine beatles cream def leapord eagles free genesis heart iron maiden judas priest kansas loverboy metallica nirvana oasis police queen rush styx trooper u2 van halen who ... yes zztop ... and on and on ...
  9. It is recently undergoing a weird phase but I'll just plop down some genres and sub-genres to make it easier to digest
    • Rock
    • Blues
    • Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal/Death Metal/Brutal Slam/Deathcore/Grind/Power Metal (list is too broad)
    • Neoclassical
    • Punk
    • Pop-punk (MARIANAS TRENCH only, every other pop punk band is :mad:)
    • Classical
    • Jazz
    • Jazz Hop
    • Traditional Japanese/Chinese
    • Lo-fi hip Hop
    Everyone knows this and it's annoying, but metal is my top genre.
    Yet, I also highly adore classical music with a burning passion. I could go off naming bands at the moment but i'll just name some more "out-there" bands and artists I liked

    • Marcus D - Jazz Hop
    • Tengger Calvary & The Hu - Mongolian heavy metal
    • Astor Piazolla - Classical
    • Paganini and Vivaldi - Classical Violin
    • Marianas Trench - Pop/pop punk depending on the album
    • Ywngie Malmsteen/Jason Becker/Marty Friedman - Neoclassical Metal
  10. I also like three skrillex songs :cool:
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  11. Classic Rock - 80s pop (but not that trash called 'modern pop') - 'Golden Oldies' - (in the month of December) any classic Christmas music
  12. i listen to nightcore by Cherry, Zen-kun, and Zero.Miz-Kun, or just any song that comes on the radio station i like 102.1 The Edge. Also Anime Openings.
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  13. Classical to Thrash Metal. If it moves me, I like it! :cool:
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