What is your worst fear?

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  1. What is your worst phobia? My is injections,and high places.
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  2. EMC being down, of course. :eek: Also, I'm not particularly fond of sharks.
  3. Ummmm... :p lol............... I'm not great at ummm.. My gf moving... Long distance man
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  4. Drowning and needles
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  5. Not afraid ant any of these
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  6. From worse to can sorta deal with
    1. Heights
    2. Needles
    3. Dark
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  7. Oh, I am afraid of many things: being buried alive, heights, snakes, dark, dolls, clowns, failure, getting old, dying alone.
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  8. My main fear right now is that thumbnail *Shudder*
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  9. Heights....it's weird,I not afraid when riding a roller coaster,but when I walk through a high distance,I get scared...
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  10. Also me :D.
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  11. i dont really have a phobia i just hate jump scares >_<
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  12. I don't very much like apis or vespids, generally speaking. I don't like being unprepared, and I have spent many sleepless nights worried about losing control of my life.

    I have problems with things I can't control.
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  13. (This may sound stupid but whatever) Probaby my biggest fear is dropping my phone and breaking it :p
  14. did you read One October?
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  15. Ultimately, I don't really have anything to fear. Once you face the realization that anything that happens after your death isn't relevant, nothing can pose a realistic threat to your life/well being/sanity. One potential fear might b being forgotten, or that I will become absolutely unimportant to civilization after my death. Even this isn't significant, as I shouldn't have to see what happens after I'm dead.

    Sorry I'm so melancholic and philosophical.
  16. Mine is of vampires (I know I sound like a retard but i read this book/saw a movie) *HORROR SCREAM*
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  17. I don't know why, but when I see mushrooms in my yard, it's just, NO, NO MUSHROOMS EVER.
  18. 11 year olds dating.

    I'm almost 14 years old and i've never dated anybody. Sure, i've liked people. But i've never dated them. One, I can't talk to girls, and 2, I see no need to date at the age of 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 or 14. You're supposed to be having fun at this age, not spending time with the opposite sex on dates and worrying over relationship issues.