What is your favorite superhero?

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  1. So, what is your favorite hero?
    Post below.
    Please don't start a MARVEL vs DC rage war.
    I like marvel and dc, I like batman, and ironman, and probably all of the avengers.
    EDIT: You can add villaians, I mean whats a hero without a good villian?
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  2. BatMan forever!
  3. Batman, The Flash, Iron Man, Deadpool, Powergirl, Superman, Green Lantern
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  4. Too hard to decide for me.
  5. Batman! and Nightwing and Robin. I also really like Animal Man, Swamp Thing, and Green Lantern. And if we are going into graphic novels then the list becomes very long, so I will just list a few: Rorschach, The Comedian, V.

    Edit: I really liked The Uncanny X-Force but it just got to weird for me (Marvel comics have a tendency to do that).
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  6. Batman, Batwoman, Cass Cain as Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Spider-Man.
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  7. Bob The Tomato or Batman.
  8. BATMAN.
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  9. Two words: Turtle Man
    Real Answer: Iron Man

    EDIT: No wait. I want a redo. Yertle the Turtle is my answer! xD

    EDIT: Just figured out that Yertle the Turtle was more of a villain.
    So let's just pretend he was a wonderful little turtle king. lol
  10. If I have to choose a mass media one, it would be Terry McGinnis, aka Batman Beyond.

    If I can choose from a webcomic, Shade Tail comes in really close.

    She's one of the main characters in El Goonish Shive. http://egscomics.com/
  11. Aquaman trumps all
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  12. Captain america or Hawkeye :D
  13. I'd choose ALTITOAD. A regular toad. With a cape draped over it. My personal comic character.
    Now actual characters…Got to have Rorschach, Deadpool, White lantern Animal Man (yes, he was a white lantern once), The Red Hood (aka Jason Todd), and Kyle Rayner(green lantern)
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  14. Hmmmmm... Thor.... ( which happens to be my dads name :D) iron man.... Aunt may *hits doc of with an umbrella*... The list goes on
  15. Dangit I forgot Rorschach. I keep forgetting there are different Robins and all that under Bruce. I've only just recently (as in two years recently) learned all this different stuff thanks to my husband lol. I too like Kyle. :D

    Do you have an Uncle Loki and Grandpa Odin? :confused:
  16. I learned the DC Universe via reading the series the wrong order. I'm still a top comic nerd at my school though. "Quick! Which Robin was brutally murdered?! Jason Todd. Thanks! Mr Freeze quote! Now! FREEZE!
    Red Lanterns=Rage. Orange? Avarice." The questions go on and on.
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  17. No... But my friends dog is named Odin and I was honir (read your Norse myths) In our class play...
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  18. Iron Man and Hawkeye are pretty beast.

    I don't know whether this count but the Avengers too.
    Best lines:

    THOR: 'Hes my brother!'
    IRON MAN: 'He just killed over 80 people in one day!'
    THOR: 'He was adopted.'
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  19. Avengers in comics:
    Beast: Yeah I'm a member of SWORD
    Captain America: Wha?
    Spider woman: Me too
    Captain America: Ok. Anyone else a member of a secret group want to reveal that now?
    Spider Man: I'm a level 80 dwarf in World of Warcraft
    C.A.: HUH???
    Invisible Woman: Chill, Steve. It's just a game.
    The comics have way too many avengers.
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