What is something YOU are working up the nerve to do?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Me? Put a note in a girls locker asking her if she likes me or not. I'm a wimp, I know.
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  2. Suffering from serious angst when it comes to making friends at school. This image expresses my feelings towards everyone at my school.

  3. To all those guys out there with a fiancé or wife, you know the question we all had to work up the courage to ask. Congrats to us all. :D
  4. This would be so much easer for me if I had Facebook but I'm not allowed but I do guess doing it in person (Or with a note..) says more then text on a screen. I've liked her since grade 4. I remember that in grade 4 and , we would always play cards together when we had free time. I've never asked out a girl, since most of the girls in my school are just not the type I like. I'm not the coolest kid (Rather not be)
    but I would say I'm middle class. Shes not like most of the girls. In gym she does stuff, not jsut sit around and talk like most of then, which is one reason I like her.
  5. Tomorrow will be the day.
  6. Godspeed, my friend.
  7. You can Do it Mrlegit!
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  8. good luck mate.
  9. All the best :) Let us know how it goes :)
  10. Tell my best friend how I feel about her before its to late, which is September so I have time but...

    And good luck MrLegit
  11. To take over the world.
  12. I've actually taken over the world once, I was overthrown and defeated by a magical hero who sealed me away. He kind of sealed me away in cyberspace, now I'm polluting Empire Minecraft, haha. I went by the name Black Mage, yes I was once trapped in a GameBoy Advance as well, however I escaped but was caught and sealed again.
  13. I took over several different planets, but got captured by a trap full of sweets and was banished to this primitive planet.
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  14. Yes I do despise earth, however here in the Internet I can do whatever I wish, I don't have to eat, sleep, or ever see death. All I do is play Minecraft, where my character is actually me (because I'm trapped) and watch funny videos. I have all the pleasantries of your world at my fingertips. I like to watch people from their webcams when I come by their I.P. adress. Join me White Mage, and we could rule as a paradox of Black and White, Pure and Evil!
  15. The thing that's going to suck is that I will have to put it in after school, and find out tomorrow... If anything, she will know its mine because of my messy writing or because I'm the only one whose initials are CDS, which I will sign it with.
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  16. U can do it man!
  17. Go mrlegit u can do it and my it be ur lucky day
  18. Ladies man likes to take it slow and subtle. Good luck mate.
  19. DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES, (Me finding out the locker that I thought was her's is NOT her's) I will have to try tomorrow...
  20. MAKE SURE IT's HER LOCKER. worst mistake that could happen. just stating that for you. besides that, it's time to pwn beaches! go for it!