What is everyone planning to buy during the Steam Winter Sale?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by xHaro_Der, Dec 22, 2015.

  1. The Steam Winter Sale starts in exactly one hour at the time of writing this post, so let's share what's on our wish lists!

    I'm personally looking for..

    Super Meat Boy at $0.99 or less
    Battleblock Theater at $1.49 or less
    Besieged at $4.99 or less
    Grant Theft Auto at $19.99 or less (tough one lol)
    Game Dev Tycoon at $3.99 or less
    Elite: Dangerous at $9.99 or less

    What's on everyone else's wishlists? :rolleyes:
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  2. If GTA V or Just Cause 3 go down enough then I'll consider it but probably not :p Other than that, I'll just check it out when the sale is on and I'll see if anything catches my eye
  3. Fallout 4 (<19.99)
    GTA V (<19.99)

    That's about it. :I
  4. I'd say the first one has nearly no chance since it's a AAA game that just came out last month (similar chance to Rainbow Six Siege going that cheap). The second one has a decent chance since it's been out for 2 years now but Rockstar tends to not discount too deep until the next game is out so we'll have to see. I'm with you on GTA V for $19.99 or less.
    Just Cause 3 is going to have a rough time running on your machine but if you're okay with turning the settings down then I suppose. I'd read the reviews and see if it's actually what you want. It looks like the type of game for a certain type of player.

    I too am going to browse as well and see if anything catches my mind :)
  5. Nothing :p I've never used Steam :p *waits until Haro attacks me*
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  6. Also, a reminder to everybody:
    Some developers can raise the price of their game then set a discount which makes it appear it is cheaper, when it is actually the same price.
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  7. Yup..
  8. I want gta 5,
    I have 20 dollars to spend, I love action fps games and gory battles and stuff.
    Any recommendations?
    Also 17 min till sale :p
  9. Rocket League shall not be regretted.
  10. TF2
    Not that gory, but fun.
  11. Actually, if you like building and upgrading your own gun, FPS games, gore (and lots of it), and the bonus factor of being free, then Loadout is for you.
  12. 9 minutes in, just bought undertale
  13. I had Just Cause 2 on my Xbox 360 and it was a pretty decent game. Main problem I had with Just Cause 3 is that it looked very similar but for a very large price too... So, I was going to wait for it to go cheaper instead. I may get it for the Xbox One instead, but it's all just ideas at the minute :p
  14. I can't even log in now with the mass of people hammering Valve servers. Apparently wishlists don't work at all now and I'll be darned if you can load more than 2 pages without getting the "Sorry!" page.

    This is great. :p
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  15. What's some good fps games that you have to pay for and that's actually
    pretty fun? Besides Cs go I'm already addicted to that
  16. Sorry

    The Steam Store is experiencing some heavy load right now. Please try again later.
  17. I can't get in either
    Gta 5 is 35 right now also
    I might think about rocket league and under tale or should I buy some badass Cs go skin?
  18. cant even log in its taking so long