What idiot came up with the Giant Zombies?

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  1. .. in case none of you have experienced these .. they are huge .. and apparently unbeatable .. and you lose all your stuff when you die ..

    .. the only tactic I have found is hopefully you are near a temple when you die ..

    1. respawn ..
    2. run in and grab and run out ..
    3. go back home and drop your stuff .. strip back down ..
    4. go back and run in and grab ..
    5. go back home and strip down again ..
    6. repeat until you get all your stuff back ..

    .. you sill probably die more than once or twice doing this .. once that stinkin' "Momentus Assistance draws you in" you are toast ..

    .. dash in and grab and run away ..

    .. if anyone has figured out how to defeat them post it up and share the intel .. these things make the game suck pretty bad ..
  2. Try turning your difficulty down in /ps to make them a non-factor. :)
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  3. They are actually quite fun to fight if you actually do it right :p
  4. The best way to fight Marlix is with diamond armor, a god sword, and a strength pot, and another person with the same items. Marlix you can fight with voters armor, a god apple, strength pots, God bow and sword, and good aim :p
  5. If you have no interest in fighting the Momentus you can always lower your /diff, as simx suggested above. You can also ask Town chat for assistance (supporter perk), most people in Town would be more than glad to take out the beast for ya ;)
  6. They are far from impossible on default difficulty. I can kill em in 5 minutes in voters gear. Less in diamond armor. They arent even that hard on diff 7.
    If you did the tutorial you would know about them
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  7. Go to the 8 minute mark if you want to skip to the momentus


    With our /ps difficulty set to 1 this momentus was simple to kill. It always helps to have some friends along.

    I can fully relate to the frustration you are explaining from my first encounters with the momentus, but he is a lot more manageable with the tips others have offered.
  8. Get it in water then it is easy to beat
  9. did he just call Aikar an idiot?
  10. ._. you can kill a momentus without dying in 5 mins in voter's gear...
  11. Unless you have your PS difficulty on 7 or higher, you can just walk past the momentus and not worry.
  12. It wouldn't be the worst name Aikar has ever been called:p I don't think Aikar is very thin skinned about this type of thing.

    So that the poster understands, Aikar is the server owner and the person who introduced the momentus to give experienced players a more challenging survival experience.
  13. Gotta admit I got a chuckle out of this. I just imagined a brand new player just cruising through the Wild and happening upon a Momentus for the first time.
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  14. He looks pretty friendly to me.
  15. Welcome to the Empire, where Momentus (the giant zombie) tries to raid your farm sometimes ;)

    Apart from everything mentioned above it also helps to bring a bed with you. Although you cannot sleep during the day you can set your spawn point this way.

    I only play using voters gear these days (lightly enchanted leather armor, but its soulbound & unbreakable so I can never lose it. same applies to my tools (sword, axe, etc.)) which means that although I can't deal as much damage as a fully enchanted diamond sword I will last longer. I'll also die more often when fighting Momentus. So when I spot him somewhere I start by placing a bed nearby, set my spawn and then start fighting it. When I die I spawn nearby and can immediately continue fighting because of my voters gear; (I resurrect with my armor & tools).

    So also bring a bed with you ;)
  16. Technically Mojang would be the idiots :D They made this giant just never put it in game.
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  17. one can wonder how he missed this mention in the tutorial though, maybe we should raise Momentus up a bit in the tutorial so you don't have to look down to see it
  18. Or... We try to set him free so he can hunt all the new players. And fighting Momentus without armor or weapons is bound to leave a good impression :D
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  19. what can we do to make new players run in terror?

    yeah set momentus free to slaughter people in the turorial :D