What EMC really NEEDS.

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the servers players numbers has dropped RAPIDLY in the past few days? How many do we have on right now... 67 players total, 11 players on one server is the highest. This must stop. EMC is a fun, exciting and unique Minecraft server. We NEED to get out there more and we need to stop denying that EMC is not dying because it is. Let's do something about it!

    ICC, Maxarias and Aikar - you have all talked about improving our "encourage to vote system" (http://empireminecraft.com/threads/community-discussion-voting-perks.15546/) however what has been implemented since this thread was created recently? Nothing. We NEED to now what's happening regarding this because we NEED this update. Maybe there's something we can do to help? Who knows, but we need to know whats happening regarding this.

    Justin where are you? I thought you were back? I get that ICC is our community manager, not Justin and ICC does a great job, but we thought Justin was back. Maybe we need Justin too?

    We need to take a step back and look at what's happening. The server population is decreasing. What once was a completely-full Empire is now almost a ghost-town on every server, even when America is just waking up.

    So here's what we need to resolve or at least try and resolve some of these issues; anyone that cares about EMC, anyone that likes to play on EMC and socialise and meet new people... Even solo players, we NEED to vote! Shortly I will be offering a reward for 1000r/vote each day. We NEED to fix this lack of communication regarding updates - PVP, Dragons, Voting, Wild updates? I get that Aikar is busy coding. Perhaps we need more coders? Justin = busy keeping servers online. Maybe an admin to focus on marketing (not just ICC and Max)? If these voting updates are in preparation, we need to know!

    At http://empireminecraft.com/threads/development-update-sep-28-2012.15873/ we need some sort of list regarding what's done, in the works and still being waited on.

    Let's please focus on what we need and not what we want for a while because that's what we NEED. Sure, we can still suggest things but let's just work on these things first, then look at the list of great suggestions you guys come up with. :)

    We are a great server. However, there are more and more servers coming each day. To stay on top, our rightful throne, we need to vote, communicate, care and be our usual great community. Please quit attacking players for every small thing I say to some of you guys. Sorry that this thread is all over the place - I'm in a rush to type it all after so many sarcastic posts. I might edit it later on.

    EMC needs voting updates, better marketing, more communicating. Let's not get ahead of ourselves, let's keep working to grow EMC because it won't expand like before without effort. Long live Empire Minecraft and let us save this great place while we can! :)
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  2. Wow lol
  3. Omg, I know we need this. :D
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  4. Yeah, wee need this kind of threads :)
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  5. We so need a thread about what the empire needs.
    Thank goodness we have one!
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  6. Uhmmm..... very interesting; full of meaningful, new info ;)

    Edit: I wrote that before you uploaded your edit - sorry :oops:
  7. a peaceful server?
  8. /town
  9. Heh, /wild
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  10. i mean a server where the wild is peaceful
  11. Just go really far out?
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  12. I'm currently editing the OP.. wait.
  13. /Utopia wild
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  14. No Mobs lol
  15. /Utopia wild above ground
  16. Guys please stop. New thread for this debate?
  17. Yes.
  18. I have completed typing, bit all over the place but you know :)
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  19. topdawg657, bugmo1207, christina80, and myself are all still playing on EMC.... what more do you need? sheesh!
  20. 1000r/vote
    i m in :D
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