What are your most visited webpages?

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  1. Hi, it's me again!

    By default, Google Chrome shows your most visited webpages when you open a new tab. Maybe other browsers do it too, I'm not sure.
    What does yours look like, if you have such a setting? :)

    Here is mine. One site is hidden, the others were put there by Chrome.
  2. #FireFoxFTW

    I have in my favourites that I click regularly:
    • /feed/subscriptions on youtube
    • EMC
    • feedly
    • bbc.com/news/world
    • an italian newspaper
    • tweetdeck
    • mastodon
    • meteo forecast
    • local bus company
    • facebook
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  3. I use based Chromium.

    Alright, now that meme's out of the way, half of mine are my own "private business" kind of sites, though the other half, the ones I do not mind sharing, are:

    1. Amazon
    2. Google
    3. YouTube
    4. Ebay
    5. PayPal
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  4. This is an interesting thread idea! These are the most visited webpages on my Chrome browser dedicated to EMC:

    These are the most visited webpages on the Chrome browser I use for school and everything else:

    I will admit that I have a slight obsession with Google Docs. I frequently have 3 or more Google Doc tabs open at once. :rofl: :lmao:
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  5. :D

    Here's the real one...

    I've also color-coded them so you can see kind of what my usage tends to be like. Green is work, blue is school, and yellow is personal. (I didn't want to use red.)
  6. These are great contributions. :D
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  7. You don't even want to know what my most visited webpages are hahahaha
    Let's say youtube is one of them hahaha
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  8. My top 10 destinations;
    - EMC
    - Steam
    - Google
    - Twitch
    - YouTube
    - Amazon
    - J&P Cycles
    - PCPartPicker
    - Tomshardware
    - Facebook (Marketplace)
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  9. Weirdly, the list hasn't changed at all for me. I'm certain that I've used Discogs much more than StreamingSoundtracks.com over the past three months, probably 10 times as much. So has it frozen or something? :/
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  10. Okay, I found it! There's a button on the bottom right of the Chrome homepage that allows you to set it to most frequently visited webpages again. :)
    It's actually this for me!
  11. I knew I wasn't too active on EMC anymore, but this does somewhat surprise me! :eek:

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  12. Too lazy to take a screenshot, but mine are:

    1. State Controller's Office website
    2. Local Jellyfin server
    3. Weather.com
    4. My bank
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  13. emc
    a site i cant mention
    another site i cant mention
    and another site i cant mention
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  14. Mysterious. :D
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  15. 1. eBay
    2. gmail
    3. EMC
    4. x (twitter)
    5. YouTube
    6. Distributor site for my card shop
  16. note i know this sounds like all 18plus sites but
    these are sites from school and other local things so i cant tell them
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  17. 1: EMC
    2: Google Maps
    3: PalmTalk forum (appears twice with separate URLs)
    4: Quora (appears twice - once for my profile and once for my notifications)
    5: Wikipedia (appears twice with links to two different articles)
    6: Cool Math Games
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  18. note its kinda weart i dint tink about emc url but efry time it sugest me emc it gives me the url to msg chickeneer xd
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  19. Heh, it's funny how that can happen. :p For me, 'tr' completes to 'translate.google.nl', but 'tra' or more completes to 'translate.google.nl/#view=home&op=translate&sl=nl&tl=en&text=frauderen'.