Welcome to the Frontier forums!

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  1. These forums are intended for all topics dealing with exploring, surviving and living in the Wilderness!

    This includes sharing and creating wild outposts, bases, wilderness projects and survival guides. Feel free to also discuss tactics that you use while exploring.

    However, a new subform has been created in the Wilderness Frontier section so please remember to post Pending Establishment Claims in the subforum.

    Welcome to the Frontier forums!
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  2. Thanks to techguy2727 for reminding us that we need a better introduction thread. :)
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  3. Just a little mistake you might want to fix :)
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  4. I might have missed something - did the old Wilderness get renamed to Frontier, or did the old Wastelands get renamed to Frontier and resinstated?
  5. I established Port Hope on SMP2 wild C:N-NE. Center spawn, north-north east. More details at: http://mc.normalizers.com. I built it to encourage building in the wild in a community based system. Not a strict structured system, but a place where you can expand along with the challenges of living in the wild.

    Griefing occurs once in a while. I use EMC Investigator and report suspects to EMC moderators. Let me know what you think of it and what I should do next. Should I establish road, lots, rules... or leave it and see what develops?

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  6. This should be posted in a new thread, not in this one. :) Looks good though.

    We have the Wastelands and then the old Wild was renamed (officially) to Frontier :)
  7. Then I misunderstood the point of this thread.
  8. So... I typed /wastelands, /wild, and /frontier and went to a different place each time. Why.
  9. The commands take you to a different outpost each time just to make the wild a little bit cleaner. You can manually change outposts with the teleports that are there and there's commands like /wilderness east planned. :)
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  10. I find the random spawn effect annoying. I will look forward to location commands you described.

    I also find it annoying that they didn't distinguish the land names enough. Currently it's frontiner-wilderness,frontier-nether,wasteland-wilderness,wasteland-nether. I would have preferred frontier,nether,wastelands, and {something else, Dante?} respectively.
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  11. I have a little confusion now.
    I just logged into the server after a week break or so and found out about this 'frontier' and 'wastelands' thing.
    I was told that if I mine in Frontier, I might get banned. Does this also apply for my outpost stripmine which I've carved for days over months and would like to contonue on with it, rather than go to wastelands...?
  12. I think that when they say "No mining" it means around the spawn areas. If you're at an outpost way out I think you can mine.
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  13. In the Frontier, the land doesn't get reset and it's preferred that you mine in the Wastelands (especially if you're close to spawn) but you won't get banned for it (unless you're griefing).
    In the Wastelands the land gets reset and it's perfectly fine to mine there - although once again it's preferred that you mine far away. :)
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  14. I hate this server now.i died in the frontier on smp5 , but when i found my stuff i saw someone run by and take all my crap and he refused to give it back.
  15. If someone stole your stuff and he knew it was yours, that is considered stealing. You can report him.
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  16. What is the purpose of this thread?
  17. Basic introduction to the Frontier forums, why?
  18. I'm afraid it is legal, although he should give the items back, the staff cannot do anything.
    I got this from another thread with moderators posting on it explaining this.
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  19. What does that encase though. I am not recognizing its use. Like do you mean to include basic guidelines and what not?
  20. It's pretty much that, just like the "Welcome to the [Insert forum section] Forums". It provides a basic rule set to follow when posting in the Frontier Section.
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