We want your skulls!

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Are you a Ramones or a Misfits person?

Misfits - I want your skulls! 20 vote(s) 87.0%
Ramones - I wanna be sedated, I wanna be your boyfriend, etc etc etc 3 vote(s) 13.0%
  1. Wither skellie beatings, Ghast blasts, and Blazes of fire :) Group hunting, smp8 crew is at it again having fun <3

    More pics of the others please! I'm missing MrGrayWolf, Sgt_Pepper4, MrCDub, corruptedsmile, coolblox100, caden, and several others. Thanks to ChumMiner for taking this pic<3

    Theme music -
  2. I like how almost all of us aren't looking in the right direction haha.
  3. Looks lovely :)
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  4. * EDIT: thanks for telling me that dropbox is a butt Khix*
    Queen of Over Photo taking has arrived !! Now let me take you on the scenic Route:

    Welcome to SMP8's Nether farm,where the locals can mingle and kill evil hell spawns.

    Today on the Battlefield we had many brave souls as seen in the photo Khixan posted by Chumminer. Here are some others:

    Then all of a Sudden we heard a noise, what is that is it a bird? is it a plane?

    No its Minnnnnnnnnnty Dwight !!!!
  5. That's just typical SMP8 :p
  6. Come out and play sometime Dead :D

    Also, my router just went belly up. Ugh :/
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  7. Am I too late to join? :p
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  8. Can I come have fun ripping the heads off of those wither skellies?
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  9. *Decapitates a skellie* :p
  10. I was out there for hours LOL. Hit me up in like 12 hours when I'm online again, sure come join the entertainment. We have death, mayhem, and bad jokes galore :)
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  11. That's because we're too "cool" to look at the camera. :cool:
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  12. After i finish a few virtual jobs i'll join you =P
    I like how that magma cube decided it wanted to try a firey bowl of cactus...
  13. Nice pics!
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  14. Oh, but who needs one of those...

    When you've got one of these?
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  15. :p Ofcourse you guys can all come out !! Sgt_pepper4 or I are normally out there,just pm one of us and well add you to the group. Im always out taking photos too so stop by and say hi :p
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  16. XD Pepper was using his avalauncher it was funny
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  17. I see an opportunity! >: )

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  18. Oh, beautiful.

    I don't quite have any pictures (yeah, I don't screenshot stuff. So what?) but I do have some words!

    They seem to enjoy using me as shark bait by making me go on difficulty 10, and sprint around like a madman while they kill the mobs. =P I die frequently, but it's a hell of a time running from 20 pigmen and some wither skellies on half a heart.
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  19. Day 4 at the Nether Farm !!!! Time for tons of new memories and photos

    *Sneaky Pepper Alert*

    *Dead,Pepper and i decided to don pigmen heads and be Diff 10 bait for more stuff to spawn*

    *they surrounded Dead,if he even moved theyd attack him*

    *Dead and I were so bored we killed ourselves by Cacti,a pigman tried to join us*

    * and then DrMadFate decided to join us*

    *Kat asked if i could take her photo infront of all of our trophies*

    * Steamingfire then also decided to join us !! Hurray People*

    *When I try to take a photo of everyone,someone also ALSO gets hit by a blaze,its normally me*

  20. Enjoyed some alone time at the farm this evening, just the like the good old days when I was building it. Seems like it is always being put to good use these days.

    Let's play spot the wither skeleton (I count 5) :D

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