We did it.

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  1. Yeah, we've dug out like 24 layers since Saturday :p
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  2. Congrats guys!!
    At first when you said wither farm I thought you meant wither the boss :p Now I want to make one of those lol
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  3. Challenge accepted!!
    i have a brother that made a 100X100 in overworld in 1 week
    we will do a 200X200..
    i will post a timelapse Video with time and dates when were done :D

    wont start right away, but will post when were done :D
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  4. Do it in the nether. Overworld too easy :p
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  5. how is over world easyer than nether? you cut through rack like soft butter
  6. Ghasts and Filling in Lava Pools for one :p
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  7. Because, in the nether you have to do bedrock up top to bedrock down bottom. In overword the most you have to do is ~80 blocks deep. i forget the height in the nether but IIRC its 128 high, might be 256.. forget tho (def more).
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  8. wont start it til at least after the weekend... but dude!! challenge accepted! i will send you a timelaps of the ordeal :D
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  9. LOL - why do I have the sensation of being sucked in? :confused:
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  10. *bows head* It is finished, and my oh my, it is beautiful. Thanks to all you other teammates for working so hard; I remember when we were just about 6 layers in, and now look at it! Glorious. I can't wait to get building the actual farm with you guys.


    Or or or...

    We could just have a super awesome empty giant box in the Nether. :D Yes? No? Yes? Definitely yes.

    I'll let you think about it.

  11. How about... no? :p

    The design Rhy was thinking is in the Convo, but... the comments on that video say that the farm isnt as good as it could be so I am not sure. I am still looking around. :)

    Empty box is a no-no.
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  12. I was kidding, of course... LET'S DO THIS THING! *turns on hype music*
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  13. We are resetting the Frontier Wasteland in coming weeks

    Set Date in spoiler
    just kidding
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    • Ghasts spawn every half a minute
    • Lotsalava
    • You have to dig out 128 blocks in the nether, and only 64 in overworld
    • You actually get valuable things when quarrying out the overworld
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  14. tnt sux now, aikar rewiened it
  15. That's impressive! But..

    ..I give this 6 months before the location is broken assuming it's not already broken.
  16. Looks great!

    How did you get Beacons to work in the Nether?
  17. Aikar did some Aikar magic that made it so fortresses dont break... I will edit in the quote momentarily.

    He noted something about fortresses too, but its the same type of breaking as in witch huts. This was the first quote I found on a previous thread of mine so I stopped looking hehe.
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