District 13's Challange

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  1. so in the end of June i read this thread and i took in a challenge to my self. (and on my brother)
    we have made a few holes in out MC time and all in not much time at all really.
    i have a brother of a digging machine, so we figured we could finish this in under a month.
    we set out for a 200X200 hole. this project did take 6 weeks tho, but thats cause my job required suddenly 13-14 hours of work from me in July, so my brother Vikingur82 pretty much did this by him self.

    as i promised a video of the thing ( and might i add, a nice minecraft video in the background)

    thanks to
    for getting this idea into our heads :)
  2. LOL D - I helped a little. :cool:
  3. haha i know!! your in the credit 2 times!!! :D i even bet you helped more than i did :D
  4. wel that did take more time then i thought it would :)
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  5. Oh hey, an honorable mention :D
    Anyway, is this a 200x200 hole from bedrock to bedrock? :confused:
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  6. yeas it is 200x200 frome bedrock to bedrock :)
  7. That's awesome! Big Dig meets nether :cool:
  8. What are you ever going to use that space for? :p
  9. Getting lost and stuff
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  10. Now, what are you doing to do with that massive hole?
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  11. vikingur82 and I are expanding it to the full size atm - about 270X270. I have one wall of smoothstone blocks nearly completed (floor to ceiling) - believe me, that is a lot of blocks!!! Btw, ghasts are extremely obnoxious . . . :cool:
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  13. it does look like to me, but i will have to have vik and susu confirm, that they spawn a hell of a less when the ground is slabbed,
    i have not encountered none in the big hole after slabbings
  14. Let's call it a cavern - too many connotations the other way. Slabbing stops the ghast spawnings in the cavern, but right up to the edge those beasts will spawn! While constructing the walls, they are particularly nasty, since you are focused on laying blocks and not falling off. Our biggest problem involves open lava lakes - if you don't slab the lava completely, the ghasts spawn, and blast you off into the lava! Poof! there goes your inventory unless you can manage to get up out of the lava onto solid ground. So, yes the ghasts are bad. I can only imagine on a non-Utopia server - the death and destruction and loss would be an order of magnitude greater!!! Well, gotta get back to it: Many DCs of blocks to lay and ghasts to slay . . . :cool: