We did it.

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  1. 2 years, much of it procrastination, but we did it. I know you are saying you have done this before, because you were smart and used TNT. We did not use TNT (okay a little here or there near the end, but like less than 6 stacks) all done by hands.

    You may be asking, why didnt we use TNT... well thats an answer only Rhy can give because I still dont understand why a bunch of players with millions of rupees didnt use tnt...

    You may also see holes in the wall and floor, that would be because Rhy loves ghasts and they love him... they just start spawning like crazy whenever he is around.

    We plan to make pixel art with carpets on the floor (hopefully) depicting everyone involved in this. If you cant tell, this will be a wither farm (private owned, just saying before people start PMing me...).
    I will update when the pixelart or witherfarm is done... :D
    I think that is all I have to say..
    Thanks to the following people (if I forgot anyone, its your fault for not putting them in the convo):
  2. i have a 128 by 128 im clearing i could show you some time on smp6 :p
  3. I don't understand what you did?
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  4. we dug a large hole in the frontier nether. Now we make a huge wither skeleton farm and make money
  5. Oh I see it now looks great I guess :p
  6. Farm Lyfe
  7. 2 years, are you sure those are still fortress chunks? Be really sad if those were not fortress chunks anymore.
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  8. You forgot 8 and spelled Rhythmically wrong ;)
  9. For all of you who have been wondering why I've never been in town on 8 for the past 2 years, this is why.

    Also, RIP my dreams of digging out 1,000,000 netherrack :p
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  10. This was my concern aswell
  11. We left one block for you :p
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  12. Fear not, there are Blazes and Wither Skels galore
  13. Ours is 138x128 ;P
    Yeah rhy, we left a block for you... about 40-50 blocks up, kinda blends in with the... everything. :p
    Will fix...
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  14. Awesome stew, thanks for sharing this and congratulations on your achievement! I can only shudder at the time spend to remove everything. Including lava and all, I'll bet that must have been really time consuming. Amazing.

    I really hope that you guys will also share pictures about the upcoming progress of actually building this farm :)
  15. Now you spelled 8comimi wrong ;)
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  16. :rolleyes:
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  17. Looks good. Now you guys are coming to help with mine, right? I've been digging solo for months now.
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  18. I'd been wondering if you'd ever get it done! Very nice!
  19. Nope... That was too much for me, next time- I am using this great thing called TNT.
    Took super long, at the start there was like 3-4 of us... I procrastinated much then my laptop died and at one point I even took a break from EMC so took longer than it should have. Bunch of the work was done in the last 2-4 mos IIRC.
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  20. Most of the work was done in the last week where we stayed up super late to dig multiple layers a day :p
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