Wastelands Reset Scheduled for February 5th!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Can't wait to see what new lands await. :D
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  2. Most of the resource deposits that I had encountered were mostly depleted, making it very hard to acquire valuable resources without having to go deep into the ground for extended periods of time to the point where I would have used up my food supply or broken my pickaxe and gotten lost before eventually getting caught between a bothersome blizz ard and a skeleton who has forgotten his manners, joined by a rather inconveniently lengthy barrage of steely arrows and illogically powerful snowballs which would politely introduce me to my own demise. So a wastelands reset would be much appreciated by me and many of my fellow imperial citizens.

    Note: This reply is not intended to be a temperamental complaint or a perceived loss of patience. I apologize for any offense take from this reply. Humor was my only intention.
  3. * does a double take *

    Waaa :D
  4. I like the information, I do not like the event.

    /me calls boss "Yeah Hi I can't come in February 5, the world is ending."

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  5. Can you help me out? I don't know why it would be useful. :(
  6. If you are one of those people, like me, that get lost easily, and don't want to use the "stash everything in an enderchest and jump to the void" method of getting back, a map in your offhand will show you the way back to the end portal. It will also show you the way back to the end cities when you return later, for more looting.

    That was my reading, at least. It's also something I am going to use, next time I find myself in the end.
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  7. Guess this means I better get my End kit ready for exploration.
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  8. If you wait until I'm done you can borrow my maps.
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  10. One of these days the beginning of the thread is going to say "This Reset DOES include the frontier and town" That will be the scariest day ever haha =P
  11. hopefully a mesa will be close by, i sure love mining up a mesa
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  12. Yay, so exited!
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  13. We'd likely reset them on accident before ever resetting those worlds on purpose ;)

    Now excuse me while I go find some wood to knock on and look up other superstitious methods to prevent that evil event from ever occurring due to me even daring to mention it.
  14. Note:
    Why would EMC be making a waste reset now? Of course, you may say it's because the waste needs fresh resources! Yes, you are correct, but 1.13 would also need a waste reset too, so if 1.13 was near, why would they reset the waste that close to the update?

    EXACTLY, mark my words, the 1.13 update is coming to EMC on March 15, 2019, OR April 28th, 2019. MARK MY WORDS
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  15. :p
  16. It's "supposed" to be every 3 months. April 28th is in approximately 3 months.
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  17. Don't let JD scare you. It would be actually rather difficult to do this, as we don't have a fancy reset command like we do for the wastelands.
  18. Your words are duly marked. My guess is closer to July/August for 1.13.x.
  19. I've been on EMC for nearly a year and I've only been through one reset so far! I'd say we're due, even w/o an update. There's plenty of good mining and crafting to do in 1.12 (and no phantoms yet).

    Thank you to the devs and staff for all your hard work that makes this a great server to play on!
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