Wastelands Reset Scheduled for February 5th!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Jan 28, 2019.

  1. Pumped! *cue heroic slo-mo preparations montage tonight*
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  2. 1day and 8 hours to go till fresh land wooo hooo
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  3. Still plenty of resources out there.
  4. Maybe lots of resources but not sure they are still fresh. Personally encountered a bunch of mossy stone recently near some dirty ol skeleton skulls.
  5. I
    I've personally raided 86 end cities on smp4 others have raided some as well. Not sure there's too much more left on 4 lol
  6. OOF the timer stopped, but the reset hasn't happened yet. :p
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  8. ik REE, but it should happen soon :p
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  9. The timer was only an estimate. We need to give players time to clear their stuff from the wasteland, the timer gave them a deadline of the earliest the wateland could be reset. Now the deadline has passed we can now reset the wasteland at an opportune moment.
  10. so, this didn't happen then?
  11. Thank you for giving us a chance to grab are items from the wastelands.
  12. Not yet, no.
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  13. And we wait for the End Times

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  14. RESET will be tonight (technically this afternoon).

    Estimate: 3.5 hours
  15. Woo!

    The Captain (and the First Mate, also pictured) are ready to go down with their ship.

  16. I'm glad I built that railway on SMP 6. Gives me more of a reason to go mining iron and gold after the reset. :D
  17. So that would be about nowishly maybe?
  18. SMP3's looking b-e-a-yooteeful, thanks Krysyy and Co!
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  19. Haven’t yet ventured out beyond the town but I hear there’s fresh undiscovered wastelands.
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  20. ... yes but its only teenage ...