Wastelands Reset and Tentative Schedule Announced 2015!

Discussion in 'Empire News' started by Krysyy, Feb 17, 2015.

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  1. Love resets, ;) and thanks for that great timer on the home page. :)
  2. Thinking the exact same thing xD
  3. Thanks krysyy!

    This will be very good for FNM
  4. Thanks Krysyy! Love the timer on the front of the home page :D
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  5. It quite honestly looks like majoras mask when the moon is about to crash down to earth.

    Is there a correlation between #ChinBrokeItBigTime to the Wasteland's reset?
    Because it seems like it's a joke :p
  6. Woo! Another waste Reset! Its going to be like Black Friday for those ores and generated structures.. :p
  7. I totally agree. I have a tradition the day the waste resets I mine my heart out.
  8. So true!
  9. Woot!!! Reset time. New stuff and areas to explore. My first reset was devastating cause I, like some others, didn't realize the difference between the /waste and the /wild... but after that first reset pulling everything I owned out of the waste, I then establishing a /wild outpost almost 50k blocks from spawn... I look forward to /waste resets now cause of the renewed resources and new places to explore and not having to strip mine my permanent outpost in the /wild. Can't wait for the countdown to close to be one of the first people in the new and unexplored land (and new nether fortresses to loot) that night. Early bird get the worm. :p

    BTW... I thought the Empire was on 1.8 already. Version 1.8 brought in the Ocean Monuments and killed Obsidian generators... Unfortunately on the latter of those two. Version 1.9 is the next major update that we will not be going to during this reset. Just saying from reading through this thread with people asking if we are going to 1.8?
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  10. I just read that Jeb tweeted on Nov. 24th that 1.9 won't even be released until next year-2016 well after the holidays are over, as I understand it.
  11. Woot, more resources! :cool:
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  12. Nice name. Orson Scott Card fan?
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  13. I cant wait, now there wont be random fall damage causing holes in the ground
  14. Oh wow... Waste c in smp9 really needed this... If you head from the north side from waste c you will see what I'm talking about o_o
  15. yup the ground is 1 giant ditch
  16. You got me, it is it is.
  17. Yaaay! The wastelands are pretty jacked up!
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  18. yea Ill miss me and my friends clay mine outpost and I probably made 100,000 off of it D:
  19. The world will be a better place with new wastelands!

    Gravity Falls crazy!!
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