[Waste reset] So whatcha gonna do?! ;)

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When the waste resets I'm....

Poll closed Mar 16, 2016.
Going to run in with nothing, and come out rich (or dead ;-)). 7 vote(s) 33.3%
First waiting for the livemap to update (hurry it up already!). 1 vote(s) 4.8%
Forgetting all about the waste: the End is where it's at! 4 vote(s) 19.0%
Building some new roads & structures to help the others out. 5 vote(s) 23.8%
Finally going to have my revenge on the mob that killed me! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Going to build a basement on my res. to hide for the new Shulker! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Whats this wasteland you speak off? Frontier FTW baby! :-) 4 vote(s) 19.0%
  1. Hi gang,

    The waste reset and update to 1.9 is coming close now. And as we come closer I'm sure the anxiety rises, the tensions become too high and well.. patience is something which some of us probably already lost some time go.

    So yeah, what are you going to do when the wastelands have been reset? The poll lists some obvious reasons but maybe you know of something else?

    And lets hope that when the poll runs out (2 weeks) we'll be looking at our new wastelands and minecraft world (1.9).

    Reminder (for the newer players and all): Ony the wastelands (mining world) will reset, NOT the town or Frontier. More (official) information on the reset here, information about EMC and 1.9 can be found here.

    Also: When does the reset happen? => Soon!
  2. Never been one for traveling the wastes. I do most of my stuff at my outpost. The rare times I did go to the waste it was the nether for Quartz near spawn :p
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  3. I will go hunt end ships.
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  4. I'm gonna hack away at the ground and stock dat shop :)
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  5. When does the reset happen?
  6. Nothing! :D I'm lazy :D

    Soonish is all we know. :p
    EDIT: and that it goes together with the update to 1.9 :)
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  7. The very first thing which I'll be doing is to check the several Nether outposts to see if one is close to a lava lake, and if so I'll be building a lava pickup platform. At this moment SMP2 has one on /wnether w (just walk straight forward and you'll see the platform) and I'm curious if the new wastelands will also have this.

    I really hope it does because it's a great help with my lava powered forge :)
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  8. Defo will be building another sandstone (or just stone) road again in hopes of it not being griefed ^-^
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  9. Picked the closest option on the list, I'm going in, not with nothing, but with my regular load of equipment and supplies. I love exploring! Go looking for Villages, Ocean Monuments, Dungeons, Chasms, and other fun places to go poke around and look for valuable stuff.
  10. As stated above, the only set date we have is Yes. :p

    I will be hunting in the End for some nice stuff. :D
  11. While everyone else is hyped and trying to get stuff from the end, I'll be getting loot 4 dayz from the nether (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ
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  12. I'll probably be watching the waste reset tread and looking at what other people are doing instead of doing anything myself :p
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  13. So along with nether waste and normal waste being reset, end world is resetting to accommodate 1.9 stuff?
  14. My guess is as good as everyone elses, but I sincerely doubt that EMC will reset the End "just like that". There are so many structures build there (some of those, like XP farms, are used pretty heavily) that I don't think it would be a smart move. There'd be an uproar no doubt.

    I think they're doing their best to work around it. To see how the main island can be preserved.

    Heck; EMC already has a way to prevent the dragon from spawning... It is not available to us players (yet? I'm really keeping my fingers crossed!) but staff can protect specific sections of the world. They've done that with a few events in the waste already, and a perfect example can be seen in the time capsule. You can enter the hidden cave, but as soon as you try to enter the room itself there's an invisible barrier and you get plenty of error messages.

    So if worse comes to worst then I'm sure that the staff can simply deny us build access to the area around the End portal, maybe turn it into some kind of "EMC End outpost" structure while they're at it.

    The real trick would be the islands ;)
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  15. My first thought:

    Jk :D
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  16. On my third residence (smp8) I plan to continue working on and eventually stocking the new shop coming there, so this reset Im probably going to eagerly head to the End to gather some of the rarer materials before others get them! I really do need to stock up on materials anyway. It would also probably be wise of me to finish my storage before I finish a shop....

    See, I always have far too many projects going on at once.
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  17. That's my line... :p