Want to be on my EMC poster?

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  1. Hey all! Just gunna say before I start, I got this idea from Derp_Duckie's bullet journal and decided that it'd be cool if I did somethings similar (but not the same) so here we are!
    (If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's the link: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/want-to-be-featured-in-my-bullet-journal.75129/)

    This year I was hoping to do a project IRL that included EMC. I haven't done anything to acknowledge EMC irl, (other than adding a few almost-derelict friends on irl contact lists) so I thought I could go for a little decoration like this!

    On the poster itself I might add a few skins here and there of some of my closest friends (don't be down if your skin isn't up there though, it might also be because it was hard to draw it lol). For the entrees whose skin I can't draw, I'll be putting your names somewhere on the page (the ground, sky, etc).

    Just put the name you'd like to go by here (it can be your username, nickname, or even your irl name if you really want. Any name works as long as it's appropriate lol

    Select a colour that you'd like it to be
    And finally, the font you'd like it written as
    If you really don't want your skin in the poster, let me know and only your name will be down :p
    (Reminder:not all skins will be put down, space is limited!)
    -Please don't PM me an entree either, would like to keep my inbox moderately empty-

    Thanks :D
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  2. Oh boy can't wait to see this outcome ^-^
    Put me down for ChespinLover77 please !

    Edit : derp I forgot about the skin part, my current skin or my old skin is fine whichever is easier (if you feel up to it xD)
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  3. You can put me in for SkeleTin007 ;)
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  4. No skin for me, but I'd like a purple "Rhy" in some sort of fancy curley font :)
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  5. Could you add my skin along with CarFryer written in gray/silver in a cursive/calligraphy font? Thanks! :D
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  6. I'd like one of my username in cursive with gold lining but could I also add my skin (the one with that I put in my comics)
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  7. Cool I’d like my name in brown a bold font and maybe a little emerald next to it
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  8. Ooh, Luckygreenbird and the greenest green color
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  9. I will would like to be put on :D :D :D

    I would like it to be sort of like this: It has the Arial Black font


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  10. Awesome :D I would like my name in a light green, in whatever font you feel like doing :)
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  11. Can i get my name as Belac555 with a red bubble letter type font?

    and i dont care if you put my skin in there
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  12. Cool!!!, I would like Top_Benny in light blue, in bubble letters, if you can add a skin of a little head of me please
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  13. I'd love to be in it!
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  14. Could you put me down for TheFroon please :p
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  15. Yes, that'd be cool! Maybe you can draw Piwi instead of my skin. ;) (for which I could send you some references without the ski outfit :p)
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  16. Thanks guys! Havent been bumping this lately because i just got back from vacation :D
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  17. I like this idea a lot, I don't know why I saw it earlier!

    I'd like the name Otus, in the colour Red

    The font should be Book Antiqua


    You can just use my current skin :)

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  18. i loved the bullet journal and now this! :D

    my name comes with a lot of variations, but i'd like it if mine could go in as Arkøn, either in a crimson, olive green, or dark blue color (up to you). have fun with this!
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