Want to be featured in my bullet journal?

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  1. Hello everybody!

    I have reserved two pages in my bullet journal/planner to writing down names/usernames of the EMC community. If you want your name featured you can comment below filling out this super short form.


    Name: Derp_duckie
    Name color: Black (You can pick any color :) )
    Name font: Calligraphy, s p a c e d o u t, Times New Roman, or regular.
    Any emotes like :) or :p

    At the end of 2018 I will post the full page of EMC names so I will bump this thread and thank you for joining! <3

    (No charges by the way :p )
  2. Name: Sage
    Name color: Walnut ink if you've got it, but just blue if not.
    Name font: Calligraphy
    A :cool: emote after my name
  3. Name: Bunni
    Name color: Teal if u have it, pink if u dont :3
    Name font: s p a c e d o u t (a personal fave of mine)
    Emotes: hearts :3 💕

    As a fellow bullet journaler this is such a cool idea :D
  4. Name: luckycordel
    Name color: Slimy Green
    Name font: Calligraphy
    Emotes : :D
  5. Nightly bump, thank you to all who have already entered! <3
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  6. Name: xSkitzie
    Name Color: Red
    Name Font: Calligraphy
    Emotes: (this face always kills me lol) :eek:
  7. Name: We3_MPO
    Color: blue
    Font: arial black
    Emotes: hearts
  8. Also I am curious, what is a bullet journal? Sorry if it seems silly but I am very curious :)
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  9. It's a hit list. :eek:
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  10. Name: q1zx
    Name color: Hot red (§c )
    Name font: Regular.

    No emotes. :D
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  11. :eek: noooooo! lol
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  12. What's your 'bullet journal/planner'? I wouldn't know what this is. :) Also, what is the 'regular' font, and what style calligraphy is it?
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  13. Bullet journal is kind of like a hit list. (IDK) Regular font is the default font in a book and quill.
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  14. Thank you for everyone that has entered (again :p). If you look up bullet journal on google, pinterest, or instagram you would know what I mean, it's basically a planning system or a journal type of thing :D
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  15. A regular font is my regular writing, if you google up bullet journal it would be easier for you to look at pictures instead of me explaining, it's like a planning system :D
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  16. A bullet journal is not a hitlist! Lol <3
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  17. nightly bump
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  18. Name: Arkon
    Name Color: Light Blue (&9)
    Name font: Calligraphy
    Emote: .w.
  19. Name: crystaldragon13
    Name Color: sage green (may need to be darker)
    Name font: Calligraphy
    Emote: :eek: <- my very favorite and I use when ever I can. =D Thanks for giving the chance again Duckie. =]
  20. Cool! :)
    It'd be an honour to be featured in a book of yours, even if you can apply like this. ;)

    Name: 607
    Colour: Purple
    Font: Regular
    Emote: :)
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