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  1. Greetings EMC Community
    It's me, w1ther! I will post in this thread about everything i experienced! Feel free to read or comment.
    You can post it here as well!
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    This thread can be read by any age. Make it comfortable to read
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  2. W1ther’s Introduction to emc
    (If you would like to look more, go ahead!)
    So, here’s my facts:

    • 1. I like cute characters, bowtie and always find way to look it everyday!
    • 2. I can do most thing, but not every skills I did it well

    • 3. My personality doesn’t allow me to hurt someone’s mind and I always feel guilt when I hurt someone’s mind. Just like star butterfly (mostly) in “star vs the force of evil”, except I’m male in rl and didn’t have magic things
    • 4. Sometimes I act weird and jokingly
    • 5. I played mc since aug/2015 and before I joined emc, I always play in single player with mods
    • 6. Sometimes I didn’t reply because I was forgot sth or have important thing to do
    • 7. I’m somewhat irresponsible, so I didn’t do thing correctly. Overtime I will fix part by part, no worries
    • 8. I don’t like wars because war just make us worsen
    • 9. I joined emc because i found "minecraft survial server no pvp" on top of google search because i was tired about pvp and want a peace community
    So, here's my persornality:
    1. I treat everyone as great as possible, even stranger and would like to add more friends to left slimes in their faces :)
    2. I usually feel bad when i hurt someone's mind. It takes to my heart and it's bit hard to remove it
    3. I have a simple viewpoint for everything and want thing short as possible, not too long
    4. I rarely hold gurgle towards someone and will offer apoligize when possible
    5. Sometime i gone wild and extremely brutal towards enemines or dissents. It's scratch happen in past.
    6. Sometime i madcap antics.
    7. I would like to bridge relationship each other to create better society, that's my idealogy about peeps (people)
    8. I don't want to do thing what i didn't like, and this make me difficult to get over it. I usually run away with issues when i don't like
  3. i also like to do charity work
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  4. Nice post!
    Question: Did you learn English on EMC, or in school, or elsewhere?
  5. i learn english form ielts in fpt school (started in 2018), also recently form emc
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  6. feel free to ask question about me
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  7. How do you like Hanoi? I have not heard a lot about it, although the name is very famous because of the 'towers of Hanoi'.
  8. Do you have any pets?
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  9. -tower of hanoi, it fact it's traditional game form many centures, it plays sometimes by seniors (even chessboard or nhay sap (jump stall)) isn't play much in later generation like me (those who born beyond 1995 will different for older generation)
    -we usually visit at bar, pups or bo ho lake, sth like that when have time, also we've different viewpoint form older generations (we're influenced by western culture). Also hanoi is place for newer generation in northern vietnam, and every newer generation mostly like it, same for me :)
    (Fact: we also drink beer, whiskey at events, and sometimes we use cuss word much in any situation , usually explain excessive things)
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  10. currently i don't have any pets due my parents concerns about it's fur can make allergic
    (my sister's friend have one, called na and i like it)
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  11. Because i may fogert to post detail in that time, i'll add it later if i remember or inspiration (sorry about my quick fogert)
    Also, i'm not bad guy trying to destroy emc. (This is my Speech, and i promise it)
    My weakest filed is music theory.
  12. Where do you learn music theory? I'm taking it at university currently, and I've been quite enjoying it. :)
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  13. you'll surprised how fpt university learn music theory, is they FORCE every student to sign up, so i choose easiest ones
    called drum. But i think they still difficult same since i've lean how to play and learn theory
    Note: At morning i've test (it's 00:32 when i wrote this) 😭😭
  14. I hope it went well! :)
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  15. One more thing i need to add. Is i'm quite senstive about mental. I experienced about mental disorder and i've set back everything i stress to prevent my mental disorder occour.
    (what i talk is true and don't abuse it)
  16. also when i'm play emc the first thing i usually said is : "heya peeps" "heya player,player,....", "Heya folks",...
    What's peeps mean? Peeps = Folks= Friends. I usually cycle depend on online player or friend.
  17. Heya w1ther. Glad you are enjoying your time here. What has been your favorite thing to do in minecraft?
  18. the first one, is chatting with peeps
    second, is mining thing and fighting mobs
    third, participate in emc even (not every even i can join cuz my time)
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  19. you are cool:D
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  20. yes, and i alaways willing to help peeps like you