[VOTE] Vote for the Gods and Goddesses of EMC!

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    Sparticals and I [madidiot21] are in need of your help with picking the Gods and Goddesses of EMC!

    We are currently in collaboration for a temple (thread will be released later) to honor the chosen! So please help us out!


    So please submit your vote ASAP! Also if you would like to choose more than one, please PM me [madidiot] with the subject "Vote_Additions" and suggest the names!

    -The Empire's Premiere Designer-

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  2. looks like im too late to vote XD
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  3. too bad i did it anyway XD
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  4. *Slaps face*....may 25th

    haha someoe actually nominated you :)

    But please go ahead and vote!
  5. lol really??????
  6. yeah haha
  7. lol thats the point! makes it so its easier for us to choose! PM me if you want to suggest another
  8. Isn't there one thread already like this or I'm just mistaken.
    It said God and goddess so I chose 2 :p
    (Lol jk)
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  9. I was trying real hard to figure out how to let Google Forms let the person choose two...it was a hassle
  10. Seems the link no workie for me? I don't quite get it, also because its still the 24th here. Anyway, my vote goes out to AyanamiKun of course :p

    A tad more seriously: I like the idea, but I can't help wonder: wouldn't it be a better idea to check for yourself which players often pop up on the forums (and in-game) and which are really doing something for our community? Voting is good, don't get me wrong, but surely you can also pick up the more active players by... well; participating and checking out the forums & other servers?

    Then, as soon as you discovered yet another worthy player (IMO there are plenty) you could decide to add him or her to your temple.

    Heck... Gods: Hashhog (I knew him when he wasn't staff, he's awesome! Also check out Inkstain (and keep ongoing effort in mind!), Eviltoade ("because"), ElfinPineapple (I knew him before we even stepped foot here, and I tell you he's cool), CallMeTower (not me, him! :D ), AmusedStew, Jelle68, 607, Kephras, TomvanWijnen, SkareCboi, SirTah.

    Just to name a few which came directly from mind, and I have more if you need 'm. Now.. this list might surprise some I think. Why I picked these specific members? Easy enough really: they were here when I joined the Empire (some are WAY older than I am) and they're still here. Enjoying, helping, being there, etc.. That accounts for something as well. It's not just about making waves, more than often the people you might hardly notice are those which have the most impact and really help to keep the place running. In the end it's a mutual effort afterall.

    Goddesses.... Delicate subject :) But ok, lessee.. Krysyy (not just because she runs the place nor because she's staff. lets just say that the more I get to learn about her the more she amazes me), Crystaldragon, BlinkyBinky, LadyJ (is how I name her, but ok: LadyJaye), Poofasaurus, Evesthery, BabyCreepersRule (she changed her name but.. this is how I know her), Dramanya, CakeMaster, Shiyvah, HannaB, HelloKittyRo, JennyPoo, MrsWishes, Palmsugar (maybe not always active, but she's awesome!), and of course AyanamiKun (ok, ok... I know I'm stretching it a little bit now ;) ).

    These ladies are awesome too! Every one of them. And the same applies as I mentioned above; some have been here for a long time, and they're still here. And they all added a bit to EMC in their own way. Keep in mind (just to make sure): when it comes to lists such as these then I couldn't care less about people being staff or not.

    So yeah.. My take would honestly be to just check out the community, meet those awesome people and make up your mind. Once you have you can then decide to add 'm to your temple. Is what I would do.

    And having that out of the way (sorry, had to vent): Awesome idea! It's always nice to do a little back to the community and put a few people into a spotlight.
  11. Chin for the win!!!
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  12. HEYYYY YAS! I completely agree! I'm not sure what link you are talking about, please specify that!

    Of course as time goes on, Ill add more and more players to the dedication!

    Also, I already know which ones i would like to put on there! But i want the community to decide! Thats what EMC is all about anyways!

    It doesnt have to be just staff! LOL I just used those names because they are recognized! I encourage all to vote "other"!

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  13. I am a bit hurt that the God of Stone Slabs isn't up there.
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  14. Don't feel bad, there are several more which deserved to be mentioned there yet which I forgot. Problem is that I know quite a few people and when I'd have to recite them then some can fall through the cracks.
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  15. I voted for myself... since i am the god of melons... it is known.
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  17. XD I'm actually going to let those chosen come up with their own "speciality" (I.e. Yours is melons, mine would be "God of Design")! That way a person isn't bound to a certain thing...except for rainbowchin....his is "God of Destruction"
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