(counter role-playing clan)Paladins of the Void

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  1. Greetings to you all. I am Bitemenow15: Lord Vanguard of Momentus. I have come before you today bringing great news. I have cleansed enough betrayers to rise before you today with a new path for peace. Your enemies believe darkness is underway but the truth shall overwhelm them as they decay and desire to feast. Our master is the lord of the feast and all that remains in the end. The universe may have began in darkness but it operates under principles of ever evolving hunger, from the greatest stars burning fuel by the second to the smallest microbe. We must stand strong and united against these priests of the false god marlix but fear not your brothers stand with you. Strong, vigilant, and hungry for redemption. Join us and usher in a new era of atrophy!

    This is a role-playing clan. To join, you must promise to role-play your character at all times. Our colors are green, blue, and grey. You do not have to wear these colors on your skin, but it makes it easier to role-play your character. Also, if possible, put Paladin of the Void in your signature (will make graphics) to show your true commitment. We wont do much except PvP probably and redeem souls for The All-Father, Master of Gluttonous Hunger, and Keeper of the Void (AKA player heads). This is just for fun. Anyone interested leave a comment below to let me and the others know. Happy hunting and remember...follow the void...it will not betray you if you stay true...

    EXTRA: If it helps I will post below here of what my character is...

    I am Bitemenow15 and I am The Lord Vanguard of Momentus. I follow the sounds of battle and proselytize the truth to vile heretics. He cloaks me in his hungry embrace as I face my foes pushing me to try harder and fight longer. Without his mercy we all would be consumed.

    I will be constructing our shrine to the god of the cornucopia following this message.
  2. To be always hungry doesn't mean your poor it means that you follow the proper Lord.
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  3. our order is looking for quality image editors to make a graphic to put up on your profile.
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  4. Where's the marlixes? I wanna go fight em... Nice name though
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  5. Hmm...Paladins of the Void...yet you follow a brute like Momentus...Paladins and zombies are completely different entities...Paladins serve the light...And zombies the dark...Momentus corrupts individuals the same way Marlix does...We have an alliance with Momentus and soon...Very soon...A servant of Momentus will rise along side of me and we will take EMC together...Perhaps we could create an alliance...If you choose to leave your ways of the light...for paladins cannot serve the darkness and the light...such heresy cannot be permitted in The Followers of Marlix...
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  6. Your darkness too will be consumed by the hunger of the void. Our order is the grey the unceasing and the undying!
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  7. The dark ones seek to muddle the lines and convert us with lies and deceit! All true believers will never be swayed by their tales! Rejoice in the folly that is marlix!
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