[Vote Update] New Voting Opportunities!

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  1. Hey everyone!

    I've added us to a handful of new server list sites. The more the merrier right? I'm going to compile a list of all the lists you can vote for us on daily (which helps us immensely!)

    I'll sort them into two "lists". One will be our already established lists that we've been on, and the second will be the new ones I've added us to. Before we "officially" add some new server lists to our "Rupees" section, I'd like to beta test them, if you will and make sure they're legit, count the votes properly, and send us the correct information to credit you guys.

    Now some, fun info about this. We have our votifier hooked up to them all, including the new ones. This means that you can earn even more rupees per day now by voting on a few more sites for us. They will also help you continue your voting streaks as well. So, all in all, they're exactly the same of what you're used to, just more there to gain from now. :)

    Established List
    1. MCServerList.net
    2. Minecraft-MP.com
    3. Minecraft-Server-List.com
    4. MineStatus.net
    5. PlanetMinecraft.com
    New List
    1. TopG.org
    2. Minecraft-Servers.info
    3. MinecraftServers.org
    4. MinecraftServerLand.com

    Thank you all for your continued support! With this list, you have the opportunity to earn at least 1,000 rupees per day just by taking 5 minutes and voting for us. If you encounter any major issues in the "New List" please send me a PM and let me know so I can look into it...though I'm sure most should be fine. :)
  2. Interesting! More cash for us :D (oh, and... hopefully more players!)
  3. First :D
    Edit: Darn Kev got in front by like 2 mileseconds...
    Yay, More rupees! I voted for all i could. I can now get a ton
    rupees every day instead of 700. Wow, Diamond will get 2.3k
    now :p

  4. WooHoo! More rupees! :D
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  5. Awesome, one word wich explains enough ;P
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  6. 1,000 rupees per day?

    Half of me claps, half of me frowns as I will now have to pay even more for my child slave labour in dirt clearing my Residence. :)

    I vote on all of the sites apart from the top one, can't remember which one, that asks you to log in before voting. Naaaw.
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  7. Wewt! I think now we might get more votes if people find out they can get 1K a day instead of just 700 or so. :D
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  8. Yay, more rupees!
    But Serverlist.us is kinda confusing.
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  9. Happy Stads!
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  10. Yes! I hope I'll get the time to vote and the streak doesn't glitch out!
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  11. WELL my entire rupee history is:
    Voted for Empire Minecraft on ALL THE SERVERS
    Day Bonus: ALL THE DAYZZZ
  12. We got a new banner at minestatus? Edit: All new servers seem to work well. Edit 2: *sites
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  13. Just looked on Minecraftservers.org, we are 1337th :p

    Also, you may want to update one of the in-game server messages, and change it from 700r to 1,200r.
  14. yup, I voted on all, and got extra rupees!!!! sweet.
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  15. Updated voting snip.JPG
    Wow... just by voting, you can get 1k a day. I remember when there was only 1 site, it gave you 50 rupees every day if you voted... :p
  16. Thank gosh more rupees!!! I lost 30k for buying Max's Signed books xD
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  17. You have pretty much money... Lol
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  18. I declare this - EPIC :D
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