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  1. I am not getting any of the rupee rewards to register for just the one website.
    I have reported it to MinecraftServers.biz twice and I have not heard anything back from them.
    It has been happening for at least 10 days, maybe more.
    I am going to stop using that website until it is fixed.
    Any help that EMC can offer??
  2. I can confirm this issue. :)
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  3. Smart choice.

    EMC has had players with a similar issue a long time ago in the past. They redirected all players to tell the admins of that website, as there is nothing that EMC staff can do about voting on a website that is not EMC.
  4. Like I said, I have reported it to that website with 2 seperate reports and have heard nothing.
    Just wondering if emc can "lean" on them about it.
  5. still not working

  6. I've continued voting on that site because it only takes a few seconds and EMC's spot on their list is more important than some rupees we get when voting.
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  7. well as staff have said before there is nothing they can do at all about the website
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  8. I doubt it. They have almost 0 connections with EMC. They are simply a site that allows the players of a Minecraft server with the voting plugin installed on (I don't remember the name of the plugin, Willies952002 told me but I forgot) to vote on.

    Unfortunately, the only thing that players can do is wait. You can try to get Kryssy involved, but like I said in the past, she'll just say that is outside of EMC's jurisdiction. In other words:

    Go bother the admins of the voting website. If it doesn't work, keep trying.
  9. Except for the fact that Aikar registers his project on the websites.
    In other words, admin must have an account there.
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  10. I believe it just worked for me!!
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  11. Sure they can. Remove it from the list. Boycott the site.:oops:
    I too have had problems, lucky for me its only hurting my alts. voting streak. And the rupee loss (not a big deal) adds up to 3k per month
  12. Tip: vote for the account that's missing a vote on a different site on your phone with mobile data, or in an incognito tab with a VPN running. :)
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  13. It just worked for me as well .... finally.
    Still no response to my emails that were sent to Minecraftservers.biz help.
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  14. If it's now working, then there is no need to keep waiting for a response. There's a chance that they got multiple emails from players about the same issue.

    Looks like they probably fixed it, let's hope it stays that way, yeah? :)
  15. Yup, it worked again again for me. :)

    I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a response when you contact an instamce about a large issue they are having - even if the issue has by this time been solved.
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  16. exactly. It would be nice to know that they were at least working on it or even admitted that there had been an issue.
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  17. Different people do different things
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  18. So true.. which is why some people do well in business.. and others get boycotted :)
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