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Which of the PMC Banner Entries do you like best?

Poll closed Jan 11, 2013.
1. JackBiggin 87 vote(s) 31.5%
2. pidda 74 vote(s) 26.8%
3. wolves 115 vote(s) 41.7%
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  1. Hey Community! The staff has chosen it's favorite 3 banners for the PMC portion of the banner contest and we need you to vote on the final winner who will also receive half of the rupee prize! We will do a vote on the regular sized banners shortly after.

    Please choose one of the following banners as you favorite in the poll above!

    1. JackBiggin:

    2. pidda:

    3. wolves:

    NOTE: I'm not 100% sure if PMC actually allows animated gifs for their banners. So, if wolves does win, we will screencap the final screen with the "Join Us" creeper and use that. :)

    The poll will run for 3 days or until it's very clear that one has won over the others by a large margin.
  2. All of them look so nice, really hard to decide.
  3. Hmm all of them are nice
  4. >.< so hard to choose ....... *makes a sub-thread to ask people which one to choose lol jk
    Voted :)
  5. Do I vote for Jackbiggin because he's jackbiggin, or for the one that moves.....hmm. All look good though.
  6. I personally like jacks for multiple reasons but the main 1 is beacuse it says no pvp, which is one of the big selling points of EMC. :D
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  7. Amazing work guys, all three of them are amazing!
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  8. Lol can we has all 3 on PMC?
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  9. I voted Jackbiggin. The other two are nice, but Jack's PMC is much cleaner.
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  10. agreed
  11. Voted for JackBiggin, his is simple, follows the colour scheme and looks good.
  12. I like Pidda's a lot. It's got the right picture:text ratio. It also sums up EMC very well in my opinion. I guess I like all of them, but I think Pidda's is the best. I like the first because it seems more likely to bring more mature members (Kids will be like "WORDS! READING! NO!) and I like the third one because it's definitely an eye-catcher.

    I don't like the "Over 50,000 members" portion of them though. A lot of people may think it will be very difficult to join the server and move on, whereas saying "A large community and easy to join servers" seems more appealing to me personally.

    So I like all three in their own respective ways, but my vote goes to numero dos. You can tell I mean business because I used a word from another language.
  13. personally i like pidda's one. Simple yet good looking and informative. Dont get me wrong, all are good.
  14. I didn't come close to listing the pros for all of them. I re-read my post and it kind of seemed to me like I was saying "This one is good for this reason and this one only," which isn't what I was trying to get at
  15. wolves is by far the best. Looks very professional, contains everything it needs to, concise and to the point. Not cluttered with unimportant things so your not overwhelmed, but isnt too bland... at the minute it states the first one is winning. But wolves should be declared champion. (no offence to the other contenders, all are nicely done and i would be horrible at tasks such as these) HOWEVER! my opinion is wolves 100% :)
  16. wolves dosnt state non pvp, just somfin small but worth mentioning
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  17. wow cant believe i missed that. No problem... add that in and you have yourself a winner! all are very nice!
  18. All text is editable. Just saying :)
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  19. Yeah that's why I voted because it seems as if more time went into yours because of the transition animation that shows parts of the empire in its background. You can still edit the final piece to add in non pvp if u can.
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