[ Video ] How to spend 1,000,000 EMC Rupees, the Right way! :D

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  1. In this video, i show how to spend 1,000,000 rupees :) (the right way)
    This is for entertainment.
    I ask that you do NOT ask me to donate any rupees.

    All that being said, enjoy :)

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  2. pls donate ruppez to my
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  3. Didn't you leave?

    nd gett meh rupes pl0x
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  4. lol sushi for life Bro!
  5. SkythekidRS would not approve... :p
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  6. I thought you were insane bro. <.<
  7. How did you move those stacks all at once into your vault? I forgot. Also, could I get the link for the video please?
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  8. That is one of my favorite MC shortcuts...
    Pick up any item or stack with your mouse, then with that item/stack, Shift double-click on what you want to mass move.
  9. I had to go to the hospital after watching someone purchase that much from the Empire Shop. My poor heart couldn't handle it.
  10. Do a Squid giveaway xD
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  11. You should have bid 1000000r on someone's auction for a dc of dirt.
  12. olaf but that wouldnt send the message as this lol i mean when you have everything there isnt much use of money. (you should have done bat eggs)
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  13. its surprising how many people dont know that xD and Bro... why I mean squids are cool and all but 1 mil... lol
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  14. It's funny how much you can physically and mentally affect people through switching the colors of your pixels :p
  15. My heart sank right after I saw this waste of rupees :p
  16. 28 Vaults! *faints*