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Are you a vegetarian?

Yes in real life. 1 vote(s) 1.6%
Yes in real life and minecraft. 4 vote(s) 6.5%
No I pay people to murder animals so I can eat their rotting corpses. 18 vote(s) 29.0%
Yes, but only in Minecraft. 2 vote(s) 3.2%
No, I enjoy fresh meat but not the rotten stuff. 34 vote(s) 54.8%
Only spider eyes! 3 vote(s) 4.8%
  1. I'm a vegetarian in real life and in MineCraft. I was just wondering if anybody else is. Also if your a vegetarian are you one for moral reasons or health reasons?
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  2. I don't like meat... I play veggie on minecraft lol.
    I hate pescetarians though. I think it's ridiculous to say 'killing cows is cruel, but killing fish is cool.'

    Fish get a hook through their face and suffocate to death. They're also far more intellegent than cows which have been bred to be eaten. Also cows are killed far more humanely... If you can call killing stuff humane in any case.
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  3. They can eat fish without feeling bad because fish don't have any eyelids.

    I eat meat every day. All of these animals are bread for food. I know, we don't need meat proteins, as we can get complete proteins from a wide variety of vegetables, but I like meat. Our bodies are designed to eat meat. I have thought about going vegetarian merely because it is cheaper, but that's the only reason I would switch over. Call me a murderer, but I don't care. Humans have eaten meat in our entire history.

    EDIT: Also, we don't eat rotting corpses... If your meat is rotten, don't eat it.
  4. I thought about not eating just mammals. That would still allow me to eat both fish and poultry. Then I thought, "well that's kinda silly" so I still eat mammals, too.

    Also, although I do pay others to murder animals for me, I have also been known to murder a few of my own. Mostly chickens and fish, though.

    [edit] I added a couple additional options to your poll.
  5. Eating rotten flesh may increase your hunger bar by 20%, but there is the downside of the 80% chance of food poisoning...
  6. I am not a vegetarian but I do not pay people to kill things for me I also do not buy all my meat from the store I do hunt and buy from other people who hunt, but I am friends with people who are vegetarians and I respect them for their choice.
  7. When you buy meat from the store you are paying someone to slit the animals throat and when you hunt you just murder the animal yourself... So it's kind of a lose-lose thing.
  8. It's usually done with a bolt to the brain- painless death.
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  9. What I mean is any animal, once it has been killed, is in the process of rotting. I know the meat most people eat is not actually rotten.
  10. We (as human beings) are natural predators. We are designed to be able to hunt, trap and gather. We are designed to eat meat. There are so many people that think we are something different, that we are not natural, but that's BS. Is a panther a murderer? A lion? Hawks? Do they "murder" their food? Why won't they go vegetarian? Because it's not natural.

    I'm not saying you shouldn't go vegetarian, because we have figured out ways to do it and still be healthy, as I've mentioned before, with complete proteins, but you should not criticize people and call them murderers because we are in tune with our natural instincts.
  11. Generally...
    Eyes at the front = predator.
    Eyes at the sides = prey.
  12. Im vegetarian by moral lessons, i went to a meet factory thing when i was 5 and yeah. PARALIZEDDD
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  13. I have a fancy little stockade-like contraption that I built for the chickens. I lock their heads in the stockade and then surgically remove their heads with a sharp hatchet. It's very quick and probably quite painless, although I'll admit that I'm glad it's not me in the chicken stockade, but then I harbor no illusions that a chicken ponders it's mortality or even sees it coming.

    The hens are spared for their eggs, although sometimes the coyotes get to them while they are foraging. I seriously doubt the coyotes spend a lot of time thinking about their murderous ways. It's eat-or-die for them. Now that I think about it, it's pretty much that way for us, too.

    I don't spend a lot of time worrying about the vertebrate animals in my diet or I'd probably have to start worrying about the poor dead bugs that get ground up in my flour at the grain mill. Arthropods are animals, too! And then I have to start wondering what makes Animalia so special anyway? Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, and Bacteria are alive, too!

    [edit] Let he who has never swatted a mosquito cast the first stone!
  14. Animals kill other animals because it is instinct. Humans on the other hand can make choices that are not governed by instinct. I think we(humans) have progressed enough that we do not need meat. Sorry to anyone I offended.
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  15. Plants, after they have been harvested, are in the process of rotting.
  16. Yes I know that.
  17. So then do you graze, or do you admit to eating rotting plants?
  18. I was just trying to make a point that meat is part of a corpse, so I used the adjective rotting without really thinking.
    And yes I graze.:D
  19. In all fairness, some fermented foods are spectacular.
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  20. Fish are actually quite resilient to suffocation. Most fish dye in the fileting process. I've always been partial myself to cutting the head off quickly before fileting - I guess in an attempt to end suffering. I however was taught by my grandmother who just grabs the head and makes a couple quick slices down the body then throws the head & bones into a bucket - often they still flop a bit afterwards. Ewww..

    Man .. its been a couple years since I've had time to fish. I really miss it :(

    Thank you for that :confused:
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