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  1. As I am new to this server and forum I will attempt to stay as active as possible. I wanted to play the game a little bit on EMC server before posting on the forum so I could get used to the gaming experience the server was to provide.

    After the first day of basic minecraft gaming, gathering resources for my build, I noticed one of the most important features of the server.

    I found this feature extremely helpful and think it is genius. Now, I don't know if other servers have this feature as its been about 4 or 5 years since I last played online. However, I LOVE THIS FEATURE !!

    There is only one part of the feature I found rather annoying, the 10 rubies cost for only 5 minutes.

    Since daily votes are pretty much the only stable rubies income and only refresh every 20 hours, I think the vault should remain open for at least 15 minutes to not dry out rubies for daily shopping for construction.

    I personally take at least 5 minutes before finding my item for sale in a shop using the EMC Market ( [great tool by the way | absolutely love that EMC has this]. After I find it i can only purchase about 40 - 60 pieces per market (due to "not in stock"). Therefore, I must travel to an other /smp to find the store which holds the specific item I am in search of and spend an other 5 minutes finding it. If the time limit of /vault was at 15 minutes instead of 5, i think players can shop around other markets at a more convenience.

    I just wanted to know what you guys think about the vault system. As I have stated I am VERY new to the server and looking forward to a great gaming experience as I build my first glass residence.

    This question goes out to all players new and old:
    What do you think of the /vault system ?
  2. I suggest you use your vault vouchers to get 5 vault pages. You will use them all and won't pay anything anymore for them.
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  3. I've seen the vault system grow from being buggy and destroying everybody's items to where it is now, a stable and effective while still very cheap way of transporting items across servers and even handy as a random storage holder!

    I have over 5 vaults so I can use /vault for free, though I think 5 minutes for 10 rupees is certainly enough. We used to pay 10 rupees to open it each time, which meant transferring a DC of items cost you 20 rupees across servers. If you have 5 minutes, you could transfer several more DCs for half of that price...

    As for voting being the only stable income? Not really, there are tons of other ways to make money. Shops, make money at events, even signing in each day, there are endless possibilities with different kinds of businesses to make more money. Potions, weapons, enchants, promos, mega mall owners and the lot, there really is an endless opportunity to make a lot of cash, the vault feature is very cheap in my opinion! :p
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  5. Vault = annoyance

  6. *rupees. Not rubies.

    But the current system works. It was changed recently. Before, it was 10r EVERY TIME. Besides, 10r is nothing to most players if you make the most out of the five minutes.

    And, like others have said, 5 vaults means free access forever.
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  7. Everything people said above. ^
    Get voting to get those SWEET vault vouchers and use 'em! :p
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  8. I agree with FDNY on this. I mean, just ten rupees for five minutes is fantastic to how things used to be. And if paying up to 120 rupees an hour for vaults, you can just buy four vault vouchers. Don't have the money for four vault vouchers? You can just vote for a month and a half, and you already have your four. It's a very flexible system, not an annoying one. I say it's awesome to have a vault with a very, very small fee, but if you can't stand paying many rupees, try managing your purchases better. Stock up your inventory on each server, and at the end of the day, fit all of your things into the vault, and send it across servers.
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  9. Not to sound extremely old, but we have it pretty darn good when it comes to vaults. Back a couple hundred days ago you had to pay 10r Every time you opened, not even the 5 minute per 10r it is nowadays.

    And besides that, 10r is like nothing, i mean you could sell 1 diamond for 110r or 120r per, and be able to open your vaults for as much as you need.
  10. I think after about a month of voting, you could get enough vault pages from the rupee bonuses/vouchers to open it for free :) Besides, not only is it free, you can just stick everything in it :p Who needs chests :3
    Oh I have 13 pages.. :D
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  11. As a player exactly 18 days away from hitting their third year here; its the best its ever been right now. We never used to have pages, and it used to cost 10 rupees every time you opened the vault. Now, we have multiple pages, and 10r for 5 minutes is a perfectly fine amount. How many more minutes do you need with that amount of money unless you're moving your 'home' server?
  12. On the subject: your point is that when shopping, it's hard to get all of it done in five minutes. However:

    1) Buy whatever you want on a server. Do NOT put it in your vault.
    2) Switch servers. Repeat.
    3) After you're done, place it all in your vault from all servers. You'll definitely put it all in with only 10r that way.
  13. and how do i obtain them?
  14. that a good point.. i guess since my arrival ive constantly been buying glass from numerous shops and it took about 15-30 minutes to keep switching servers and finding the product and bringing back home... but after the build im assuming that i would use it far less...
  15. I sell them at /v 4005 promos :)
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  16. You can find them at various shops, like AlexChance's, from voting (you get one every 20 vote bonus), and just from buying the vault vouchers from other players.

    When you get the vouchers, just hold them in your hand, right click with your mouse, and a screen will pop up with two blocks as a confirmation message. Then you just click the green wool, and voila! An extra vault page!
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  17. Interesting point but I think you're overlooking something here; you don't /have/ to use the vault every time, only if you're ready to transport your materials across.

    So in the event you described above my suggestion would be to keep in mind what you already bought, then simply move to another server (without using the vault) and continue shopping. Just keep on server hopping and continue shopping until you reached the point when you're done and are ready to take your purchases home.

    Thing is; your items will still be there, just scattered across the different servers.

    So to get your goodies home? It's easy: /smpx => /vault and move your items into the vault, /smpy => /vault and move the rest of the items, /smpz => /vault and so forth. Until you're done; then it's time to go to your home server, go /home and use /vault to get everything out again.

    I can see how shopping and planning will take up too much time, but I don't agree that the solution is to change the vault. Instead I'd suggest to change the way you're using it right now.

    This method is what I usually do (if I don't forget and/or simply get sloppy and don't really care, which happens most of the time) and I can assure you; even if you're shopping on all 9 servers this will still make sure that you'll only need 1 "vault session".
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  18. You can get them through voting every 40 days.
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  19. The joys of having 19 vaults...
    Anyway just what they all said voting would be by far the easiest because you vote for 80 days 4 vouchers and rupees and diamonds and emerald
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  20. You get them every 20 days. Stable vouchers are every 50.
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