Vault Annoyance

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  1. Personally I wouldn't even bother going up to 5 vault pages. Thing is; if you sell one voucher you're bound to get an easy 5k out of it, I've seen auctions even go up to 10k.

    10.000rupees also gives you the option of using your /vault 1000 times. Sell all 4 and you're looking at 4000times of "free" vault usage.

    Assuming that you're using the 'paid vault option' 3 times a day this would mean that you could use your vault freely for approximately 1333days, or roughly 3,5 years :)

    Of course I can understand that someone prefers using more pages and get a free to use vault, but so far I'm happy with having only 2 pages.
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  2. I totally agree with the above post, also 10r really is next to nothing.
  3. Oh. I thought it was every twenty days you would get one, and it would alternate. Oh well.
  4. True. Getting more pages costs more money than just paying 10r for vault usage. But for some reason it still feels better if it doesn't cost money.
  5. A long time ago on EMC, you couldn't even wait 5 minutes. You were just charged every time, so...
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  6. Heh, as others have mentioned, it used to be that whenever you opened the vault, it would charge you 10 rupees each time. However this has since changed to 10 rupees, then free for 5 minutes. (has it really been that long ago since it charged you 10 rupees each time, I thought this changed merely months ago...then again, 'long' is all about perspective, isn't it.)

    You asked how to obtain vault vouchers. Few ways.
    Try to purchase them from other players. On average I see them sell in game between 12,000 - 15,000 rupees which seem to go up in price slowly over time. Check around though, as market does fluctuate.

    Another way, is become a supporter, and you can expand your vault pages for 10,000 rupees each. (There are max vault limitations pending on which level supporter you are, so be sure and read up on this before) So, be sure to have some rupees saved up if trying to go this route.

    And for the last way, which is self-sufficient.
    Vote. Every 20 vote-streak, earns you gain a vault voucher. Yes, you must wait 20 days between each time you earn one, however it is free other than having to vote every day. Keep in mind, that on the 20th day, you also earn your voters boots armor, and in the meantime you get rupees, diamonds, emeralds, etc. Again, read up on this as this path is well worth it. The vote sites are listed under the vote tab, (or in game do /vote). And I shall also say this. While some of you may believe that me saying 'vote' is a 'canned response' just keep in mind that for a new player, 10 rupees is a bit of money which adds up. Also, if it is as simple as voting to earn all of this stuff, why would you not do it?

    Anyhow, I hope this helps you out. Personally I have used each of the three ways above. Each have their pros and cons.
    Good luck, if you need additional information, start a convo with me!
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