Utopia 'Party Garden' Build

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  1. Greetings All!
    A very late-in-the-day Wednesday update on The Party Garden. There isn't as much to update on this week as I had planned (build wise at least.) This is for few different reasons. First, I spent a lot longer than I had expected to on the fireworks wiring, as I’ll explain a bit later. Second, I've been doing the writing and graphic design for Alain1087’s thread on Castle Events. Castle Event’s is the sister (or should I say brother, maybe?) build to The Party Garden. Together they make up the flagship residences for our Royal Gardens Event Group. I won’t get into any more detail about that here, it is in the works and there will be a thread in the future with more information.

    And Finally, This week Alain and I were fortunate enough to be invited to join the Build Team! For the past few days we've both been mostly getting situated and learning the ropes on Stage. So as you can see, it has been a very exciting and busy week for me on EMC.
    The Fireworks Update:

    I still did manage to get most of what I wanted to accomplish with the fireworks displays done. Originally I had planned on 3 separate circuits, but due to a lack of space, and too much cross-wiring, I had to settle for only two. I’ve started batching my fireworks, but haven’t gotten them all done and installed, so I loaded some randoms for the pictures.

    Accent Display

    The first display is a central ring in the courtyard activated by pressure plates. This is more of an accent display.

    These are also located at the ballroom’s spawn point, intended to be walked across at entry.

    This is more of an accent display.

    Primary Display

    The Primary display travels along both edges of the courtyard to the far end, where there are optional public dispensers for customizing the show with your own fireworks.

    This display is triggered from one of two buttons located on either lower terrace.

    Inside, at the far end of the courtyard, there are four access dispensers to load custom rockets into. I’m thinking of building a custom-ordered fireworks shop here, as I have the room, and I think it would be a fun activity for events.

    Here are a few shots of the redstone. It is a little tight in there so Im not sure how much youll be able to see.

    This is where the main circuit’s current travels down from the buttons:

    A view of the accent display’s circuit:

    A few of the dispenser wiring at the far end of the courtyard:

    That’s really is for now. I had hoped to have the landscaping in, but that will be another day.

    While the ballroom is still officially under construction, still needing a legit floor and landscaping, everything is functional and the use flag is turned on. If anyone would like to visit or test it is located at (/v 5409 Ball); there is no sign navigation to this area because it is not finished. Fly flag is on, you will need it to visit the DJ booth in the ballroom if you choose to.

    As a final note this week:
    I am going to reduce my post frequency to bi-weekly updates. This is because of my recent involvement in other projects including Build team, Royal Gardens thread building, event planning, and also the fact that the build is winding down. There is still the rollercoaster and upper yard to complete, as well as numerous cosmetics and final touches, but the bulk of the projects I planned for the build are nearly complete, and I’m afraid there just won’t be enough content each week to update on. As such: my next update will be on April 8th, not April 1st.

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  2. The firework dispensers placement looks like it has been done in a very good way!
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  3. The Random Things Update

    For the last two weeks I’ve been getting myself organized and tying up a ton of loose ends. With May approaching quickly, Alain1087 and I are finalizing all the plans for our Launch Event and gathering and sorting our prizes. Expect to see our Businesses & Services Thread and our Launch Party event thread by Sunday. I have a whole bunch of random little updates for this post, but not much big. Most of the last two weeks have been focused on writing and gathering, crafting and customizing prizes and giveaway items. If anyone has notices my TEXP going up, that’s why; I have been renaming and enchanting items by the chest-full lately.

    Well, without further delay… A bunch of random things:
    I’ve finally gotten the tree’s canopy complete. I wish now that I had kept track of how many leaf blocks I used. I’m sure the number is impressive.

    I’ve gotten the upper yard cleaned up. No more holes and farms. I’ve begun the final layout and traffic pattern flow for this area as well.

    Building the out-buildings. These house some of the more basic amenities such as shop, restaurant, information and rentals. They also give the garden some form and structure.

    Beginings of the gift shop:

    Finished the ballroom floor:

    Also in the ballroom, all of the navigation is set-up to the balconies and DJ booth.

    And for all of my readers, here’s a sneak peak at the hoard I’m amassing for our Launch Party. I’m not going to hover over every item, but believe me when I say a ridiculous amount of renaming/enchanting has gone on.

    Supporter’s Gift Shop is almost stocked:

    Tea Party Set-up fully stocked and ready:

    Hedge Maze Drop Party Prizes are coming together at a steady pace:
    Yes, every chest you see in this picture (101,080 items will be dropped, lol)

    Well that is all the randomness I have for this week. The next update will be on April 22nd!

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  4. Wow... Keep up the great work, this is amazing.
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  5. I almost want to stay up until mid-night now, just so I can participate in the event :p
    My mother probably won't let me, though :rolleyes:
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  6. I want to steal all of your ideas and designs and make it into a 30 x 30 residence! That is if I get diamond supporter as I already have two.
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  7. I almost want to stay up until mid-night now, just so I can participate in the event :p

    I believe you are 6 hours ahead of us. Our launch event will span an entire weekend, with the earliest events held around 8-10 pm your time and the latest events around 3am:p Hopefully, you will be able to attended a few events at least :)

    Feel Free :)
  8. Hello Again!

    So in all honesty, I’ve been falling behind on my forum posts and my build. Still, I thought it only right to post something… so here’s what I’ve been up to:

    New Threads:

    The Royal Gardens Event Group business thread is finally up. The launch-event thread is in it’s final stages, just needs a final checking of prize lists and time commitments.

    The final area of the build to be completed before the event, the stage, is about halfway done. The main purpose of this area is hosting skin contests.

    There are 12 pedestals on pistons, I am thinking of putting in another row, but I have no idea how many players usually attend skin competitions.

    There is plenty of ‘seating’ for spectators, a judges booth, and the beginnings of a pit/technician’s booth.

    Event Prizes:
    I’ve also been working away on fulfilling my prize lists. This included a ton of boring villager trading and promo/voucher/rares shopping.
    (since I don’t have too many screen-shots this post, I guess I’ll share one of my secret, probably never-to-be-finished, underground emerald factory... I know it’s pretty ugly but it works for now)

    Excuses, Excuses:
    Aside from working on some awesome build-team projects for the community, here is my excuse for not getting much done on my build as of late… a teaser from my build for the Secret Garden build contest.

    Well, that’s it for this update. You can expect at least one more post before our event.

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