Utopia 'Party Garden' Build

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  1. Greetings EMC !
    I'm starting this thread to make regular updates to my progress on my 'Party Garden' build in Utopia.

    Update Log:

    The Party Garden
    The Party Garden will be a massive, nature-inspired event space, including a hedge maze, skin contest hall, two separate drop party set-ups ( because sometimes you just need a change of scenery), a roller coaster, an open banquet room with DJ booth, a tea party garden (mad or Victorian tbd), and (possibly) some sort of nature inspired 'rainbow run' or mini-parkour. I have huge visions for the plot, and plan on hosting my first event here in May; although most likely not all of these features will be open by then.

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  2. I've been working away at the first part of my build, which I think will be the most time consuming of all my plans. This is the hedge maze, fitted for drop party use, although I have a few different event/game ideas for the space.

    Laying it all out took quite a while, messed with a few different patterns before I landed on one I liked.

    Here I have the entire base for the hedges done in.
    maze 2.jpg

    At this point I have all of the hedges done, the floor filled in, 'support columns' in place, and my dropper locations marked out with sand pillars.

    Here my vision is finally starting to emerge. Ceiling and dispensers are in place, the grass is starting to grow thanks to some lighting. This step took me what felt like an eternity, as I had to shear each leaves block, and what you can see in the next image, the same number wool. I went through quite a bit of iron here too.

    So this was the most daunting for me, as I'm not very good with red stone. I got it all down and working tho, yay me!

    Well now that the space is built and functions, it's time to make it fun and beautiful. I started decorating a bit, and added teleport pedestals in some of the 'courtyards'

    I will update again when I've finished the decor and outer walls. Hope you guys enjoy seeing my updates, and I can't wait to officially invite everyone to my first event.

  3. So I continued decorating with some water features and the ‘garden wall’ Then I began terraforming the ‘exterior’. I did my best here to mimic what would be naturally generated.

    Here I’m starting to plant the trees and huge mushrooms.

    It was coming along beautifully but I really wanted to brighten the place up:

    So at this point I needed roughly 478 stacks of light blue wool.

    And with the help of Bigdavie and 54k rupees, the sky is blue and everything is right in the world.

    So, it’s easy for me to get bored with one project. Sometimes the creativity just stops flowing. There are still a bunch of cosmetic tweaks for the hedge maze, but the next update will be on a different section of the build.

  4. So, the upper Deck is really just the landing at the top of the tree, but this update will cover the whole tree, and some of the inter-play with area’s below. As you’ll see the residence is a mess, the holes are for temporary lighting below, and I typically farm whatever materials I’m building with on-site.

    I Started the tree with some dirt “bones”, and a canopy to get my proportions right for the branches and trunk.
    And then I moved to filling in the branches:

    The back branch serves as a drop party mechanism for the Tea Garden below. You’ll see the table there in the pictures, but I plan on posting a separate update for this area when it’s finished.

    I split it up into two circuits; one for dispensers(grey wool) and one for droppers (pink wool).

    The wiring is all hidden within the branch and trunk… (and I’m definelty getting better at redstone)

    The front branch of the tree will serve as a diving platform for the lake below. Here I’m marking out the landing area so I know where the water should be.
    Well, of course, then I built the lake. It’s a pretty standard process, lol, so im just going to group all the images together here. Alain1087 showed up just in time to help me place source blocks and remove all the wool.

    And the final thing in this update is the roots. I’m sure they are going to be a constant project that Ill never be satisfied with, but here they are at the moment:

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  5. I love everything about building in Utopia, but I really miss the night-time. I love the fireworks, and didn’t want to leave them out of my party build. It was always my intention to make a dark area for fireworks, and recently decided to tie it in with my Ballroom. The Ballroom is all about music, and between that and the fireworks, there is going to be a lot of redstone. This build is going to take a while, but here’s the first look at it.

    The Building:
    I started with a few noteblock songs. I’ve got Pomp and Circumstance, For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow, the Wedding March, and Happy Birthday.

    Once I figured out the music range, I made the outline, and put down some grass for the courtyard.

    Next I started the walls and windows.

    After the walls were in place, I put in the columns and floor design. I still haven’t decided on a final material to fill in where the dirt is.

    Then the balcony and ceiling.

    The Courtyard:

    Moving outside, I built the terrace,

    And the far side of the courtyard:
    This area will be where the fireworks mechanisms are housed. Which will be in the next update.

    The DJ Booth:
    The main feature of the ballroom is the music. There is a fully interactive DJ booth for community use in the makings.

    A view outside, looking in:

    And from inside looking out:

    There is a Note Block playlist with buttons to use.

    Here is a behind the scenes look at that:

    There is also a full music library, with all the music discs available on a deposit basis.

    Well, That’s it for now. Next update will include the major landscaping, and the fireworks set-ups.

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  6. Looking good so far - nice idea :)
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  7. awsome :eek:
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  8. :)Looks beautiful!
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  9. That looks amazing. I like the woodsy theme to it.
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  10. Surprise Friday Update!

    For anyone following along, Wednesday’s update for a new section of the build called The Upper Deck is still on schedule.

    I just couldn't wait until Wednesday to show this off. Last night I got a project stuck in my head, and built (roughly) 10 hours straight through to completion.


    For the main redstone build, (the section under the pistons) I followed GOTitGaming’s tutorial.

    I probably changed the timings part of the build at least 5 times. I tried different tutorial videos, but there was always one problem or another. I think I spent 3 hours tweaking the tracks, adjusting repeaters, messing with different switches, and wiring my own personal touch, a prize dispenser.

    So the machine turns on when you press the button to teleport into the ‘active’ player area; The minecarts are released and the piston timings start, the dispenser in the prize room is also activated.

    When the pistons bump you into the tripwire, you are teleported to the prize room and the machine turns off; the mine carts lock and the dispenser stops.

    I did this so that there’s some sort of “score” that increases the longer you stay in the game. When you are teleported to the prize room, the amount of items dropped will (comparatively) indicate how long you were playing. For example, if I pick up 6 flowers the first game, and 9 the next, I know I’ve improved. I decided on a dispenser instead of a dropper, because I like the idea of awarding xp for the game... I’m just a bit short on Bottles’o’Enchanting at the moment.

    EDIT: Three new photo’s of the enclosure.

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  11. It's Wednesday! And that means it's time for another update on The Party Garden! As Promised, this week’s update will be on the Upper deck, and the giant tree now sitting in the middle of my res. Click the link below to jump to the update:

    I have also added 3 new pictures to the Forrest Runner Post (directly above here.)

    Navigation is Here!

    I am very happy to see some visitors stopping by, and I have hopefully made navigation a bit easier. For the time being this will be my lobby. There is transport to The Tea Garden, The Upper Deck, The Hedge Maze and The Forest Runner.
    You will also find a button here which displays a link to this thread in your chat box.

    There is also a transport to Alain1087’s Castle Events, and I seriously recommend checking it out.

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  12. I may finally have an actual reason to visit Utopia town... Love the natural feel of it all, very awesome!
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  13. Amazing! :p
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  14. Thank You, All, so very much! Thank you for the positive feedback and compliments! I am glad you like the way it is coming along. After all, The build has all of you in mind... You can't have a party by yourself :)
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  15. Happy Wednesday Everyone!

    This week’s update is on The Ballroom; a giant green-house and Terrace inspired dark room. Click the link for the full update:
    Hope you enjoy!
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  16. Looking good! I'm talking about that pic of me obviously. But the build looks good too. ;)
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  17. wow, this looks amazing just from screens, be sure to get one of the world downloaders to do a copy of the res in hd with shaders when its all done. nice to see something i wanna visit on utopian town
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  18. The build looks wonderful!
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  19. Awesome!
    I really hope I can once attend an event here, it looks totally amazing! :D
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  20. Thank You, Everyone!

    Thank you, and yes I plan on doing some nice shots and fly-throughs for a "media package" when it's complete. Thanks for the advice!

    My first event will be in May, I will be going post-happy about two weeks prior, and will make sure you get a proper invite!
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