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  1. The Royal Gardens Event Group is getting ready to open our doors for our Launch event! While our services have yet to be fully established, our event spaces are complete or nearing completion, and available for the community to visit and enjoy. Please check back for updates as we continue to build this thread.
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  2. About The Royal Gardens Events Group:

    The Royal Gardens Event Group was founded by Alain1087 and CDJS1987. It serves as the parent company for all of our individual Event Spaces and Party Services.

    Our mission is to bring the EMC community closer together by providing event spaces, event products and services, and organized events to enhance multi-player fun on the server.
    Our vision is an EMC where there is always a well-planned community event to attend.
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  3. Royal Gardens Event Spaces:

    Our event spaces are specially designed for party functionality; complete with drop party floors, games and rides, music, foodservice and much more. We have two flagship event spaces:

    Castle Events (#5304 Utopia)
    For more Information on Castle Events please visit: Castle Events Build Page

    The Party Garden (#5409 Utopia)
    For more Information on the Party Garden please visit: The Party Garden Build Page
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  4. Official Royal Gardens Events:

    We hope to hold at least two large scale events each year, with smaller events in-between.
    Please check back here for upcoming event announcements, or check the calendar for more great EMC community events.

    Upcoming Events:

    Currently no upcoming events

    Past Events:

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  5. Nice, I hadn't seen this thread before! :) For some reason I didn't get alerts about both the garden and the castle thread anymore.
  6. Thanks for checking back in! I'm in the process of finishing our events thread now. It's been a delayed process, but it should be up later this afternoon.
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