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  1. Some people have some cool storys behind their Minecraft or in general Username for things, I'm here to find thise stories, I'll go first. Gamezila584 was a name I came up with after I first turned 11, it was a Friday, I was going to get my Steam account, and my friends said "mash together the first 2things that come to mind, so I thought, Gamer and Godzilla, So gamezila came, spelled wrong on purpose, and 584 were the 3 numbers at the end of my e-mail so yeah, then my friends liked it so much they made some art of him, aka my profile pic, so that's my story behind Gamezila584, what is the story behind your name?
  2. My Minecraft name COULD have been Cds0199, AKA, my old now perm banned Roblox account, but I forgot about it, and made Mrlegitislegit, which was my alt account on Roblox. Actually, I did make a Cds0199 account, but I didn't buy MC on it. If I ever get another MC account, it will be on that.
  3. I figured my username 8 years ago.. when I was 7. I use it for all things I go on... I first used it on ToonTown, and my first password was based on words on my mousepad :p
  4. I had chosen my username simply from a vocabulary test that had the word Cordial on it, and I enjoyed that word. I also like pie.
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  5. Jtc are my initals, and 0999 is my birthdate
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  6. I chose Green_Mystery as it was an old username I still liked when I was 15. It's a reference to this guy.

  7. Green slender?
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  8. Certainly looks like it
  9. No comprendo?
  10. It was Christmas, couldn't think of anything, so did TheMinner OH WAIT I mispelled it xD YES I SUCK AT SPELLING

    *cough* ANONYMOUS *cough*
  11. Curundu is a small river in the city I grew up in, and the neighborhood surrounding it.
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  12. No, it's that cute animal you have in your profile pic. Your mistaken. :D
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  13. It's only been three years. No one knows what old anonymous is, and calls it 'green slenderman'?

  14. Sorry man, never heard of them, mice david tennet gif
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  15. I know what old anon is :)
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  16. Mine is pretty boring. My first name was taken, so I used my middle one :)
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  17. Here's a cool cookie for a cool cat.

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  18. My username is brickstrike because I felt like wow! Why not get an account that has a built in nickname! Brick sounds good! so yea. My alt is _xX_Brick_Xx_ and my youtube account is BrickDoesMinecraft. I certainly like the name but I wish the Vanilla texture was better >_<
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  19. A story is a story is a story, thank you for sharing :D
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