Updated Wiki Navigation, New Staff, and New Contributors to boot!

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  1. Hey Community,

    We've had some things happening in the background and it's time that an official post was made to announce it all in one big showdown! =)

    Wiki Navigation Update
    The Empire Wiki now has a different navigation system. Hopefully this will help to alleviate many of the problems players had when locating pages in the wiki. In addition, there is a new New Players Guide that should answer any and all questions for the new kids on the block!

    Go explore the new wiki and let the contribution team know of any problems/inconsistencies that you find. And on that note....

    New Contribution Team Members
    We have added the following players to our group of contributors.

    These players will be working closely with the rest of the team members and staff to help develop the new wiki system and migrate the old content to the new template. If you want to apply for the Contribution Team, please click here: Contribution Team App

    New Moderators
    The following players have joined our moderator team:

    Please congratulate them if you haven't already. They deserve it. If you would like to apply for staff, please click here: Staff App

    New Senior Staff

    The chicken has completed his transformation into full-blown infected poultry.
    He is now available to assist with any senior staff services so feel free to invite him to your conversations regarding these.

    That should be all of the big news....stay tuned for more coming from the Empire soon =)

  2. #first

    Congrats Everyone!
  3. Nice :D.
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  4. Many growth
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  5. NICE!!!
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  6. This is big improvement with the wiki but I would like to see more visuals.
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  7. Congrats everyone !!!
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  8. Congrats to all new moderators and contributors! And chicken. We can't forget chicken. :D But anyway! I will do my very best to live up to your expectations as a Contributor, and you can expect to see some blog posts/wiki stuffs coming soon! Thank you all for the congratulations! :)
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  9. Yeah chickeer! :D
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  10. Congratz everyone! :D
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  11. Useless Comment is Useless
  12. Congratulations to all the new staff and a big Thank you everyone for the congratulations we will do our best to help where we can.

    A big congratulations to the bright green Chicken also on joining the Sr staff.
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  14. You forgot bloodra1n on that list btw
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  15. again :(, congrats to the new members
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  17. Why the sad face, we all have to wait if it is right for you it will happen in time, in the mean time tnx for the congrats and keep having fun :D
  18. Loving the look of the new wiki navigation, well done team contribution