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  1. Hey everyone!

    You may be wondering wonder why we redid the tutorial.
    The old tutorial was never meant to be a maze, but most players saw it like that. Instead of properly learning the rules, they would often just guess, spending countless time in the tutorial. Some even quit, and never came back.

    The new tutorial focuses more on learning about EMC while you're in it, even referencing, and linking to the wiki, although the questions are a lot simpler. It shows a lot of our special features, and even teaches them about residence while in the tutorial.

    All players are welcome to take the new tutorial to see what's changed. The Staff team as a whole has put a lot of time, and effort into the tutorial. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. :D

    Visiting the new tutorial

    Everyone can see the new tutorial by typing /tutorial in town. It is recommended you retake the tutorial as all members can reclaim the Tutorial rewards, which are new and includes rupees!
  2. This is part 1 of our efforts to help the Empire grow! Next task is to change it so you don't have to sign up on forums first, and that shouldn't take as long!

    Then once that's done, Dragon Tombs! (if 1.7 doesn't hit us first)
  3. Nice - I always thought this might help people not have to re-ask questions later on how to do things...

    Edit: will we still be able to visit old tutorial?
    Edit of Edit: Already completed tutorial - I liked it
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  4. Awesome, really been excited to see what you guys put together. Will /tutorial still let us retry it to see the new features?
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  5. Judging from what I saw on stage livemap it looks great, good work yo
  6. Is there a way we can go and look at it?
  7. Nice
  8. Just log onto a smp and type /tutorial :)
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  9. Lol, am I the only one who is more excited for dragon tombs than the new tutorial and the not having to register on the website first? :p
  10. Cool. Nice you guys got it done :)
  11. The new tutorial is absolutely fantabulous.
    Props to all the staff who made this possible :)
  12. I love the new stuff and prizes with it! Building looks great, and is actually interesting :D
    Plus... I got STARTER ARMOR! and tools ;3 :p
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  13. the tutorial is epic by the way :D
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  14. The new tutorial sure does look amazing!

    I would say that this was time well spent!
  15. Horray!!!
  16. I'm assuming that instead of having to register before the tutorial, new players would have to register after the tutorial but before going into town?
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  17. Epic, that is awesome! Good job to all who had a part to play in its creation!!
  18. 2013-09-29_00.41.05.png
    Damn, and to think that Aikar was the one ruining the economy.
  19. outstanding work! I love it so much! so far i have done it 5 times and still counting.
  20. I wonder if that would actually work?