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What Prices would you be ok with paying as a Supporter

Poll closed Jul 14, 2014.
10 Supporter | 10 Cosmetic 96 vote(s) 39.0%
10 Supporter | 15 Cosmetic 35 vote(s) 14.2%
15 Supporter | 10 Cosmetic 34 vote(s) 13.8%
15 Supporter | 15 Cosmetic 5 vote(s) 2.0%
One Rank | 20 17 vote(s) 6.9%
One Rank | 25 3 vote(s) 1.2%
One Rank | 30 3 vote(s) 1.2%
I am unable to support the Empire 53 vote(s) 21.5%
  1. On a more specific note in regards to my suggested separate server model and residences, I think the break down could go something like this:

    Free - play.emc.gs - 1 residence on Free server = 1 residence
    Gold - play.emc.gold.gs - 1 residence on Free server, and 1 residence on Gold server = 2 residences
    Diamond - play.emc.diamond.gs - 1 residence on Free server, 1 residence on Gold server, 1 residence on Diamond
    server, and a Utopian residence = 4 residences.

    This would keep current tiers / residence capacities the same, but would still pose a problem to those who have built massive structures on 4 adjoining residences.

    Just another thought I had.


    P.S. I just re-read Aikar original post and saw his 9 billion token charge for residences, so I guess it would not be a problem for people who have adjoining residences with massive structures :)
  2. yeah so perhaps.

    cosmetics - $10
    Supporter - $15
    Both - $20 ( save 5 bucks not 2 before like i mentioned)

    possible a $5 pick 5 cosmetics package :D

    so the 10$ one will get you all but you still have a 5$ choice
  3. I wasn't trying to complain, I just saw lots of people saying they only wanted the new supporter package, and I'm really excited for the cosmetic package.
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  4. I think battmeghs may have overlooked Aikar' post where he talks about a $7 cosmetic $15 supporter $20 combo...it was several posts above yours. I thought your post meant you are willing to pay more than $7. :)
  5. As much as I hate to say it, I think that these 2 sentences pretty much sum up the whole EULA.

    Problem is, what an advantage is can be interpreted in loads of different ways. I'm willing to bet most server owners will interpret it as "means you're stupidly overpowered", and Mojang'll interpret it as "anything that could make you a tiny bit better than someone else".

    Hell, if Mojang hadn't explicitly allowed it, coloured name COULD technically be considered an advantage: it makes your name more clear in chat, meaning that it's easier for you to sell stuff, meaning you can make more rupees.
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  6. I've personally brought this up before. Because it is not unnoticeable that EMC does not use its super powerful servers to their full need, and they were bought themselves to run a much more unstable Minecraft, sans the changes Aikar himself has added to help overall performance.

    From my point of view, it would be better to say things like 'We may have to lose some servers' or things similar, than 'If our max goes to 15 we are at high risk to shut down'. No need to scare everyone if you are not even listing that there ARE other avenues to cut costs.

    If EMC were maxing out player numbers on every server every day, well.. I do not think this would even be a conversation worth having, as EMC would be just fine. But you are paying for tour busses with only a town car full of people to transport. It made sense at one time, but now maybe it should be embraced that costs should be cut, instead of scaring people to not even voice their opinion that they would like to pay less.
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  7. if that is so, sorry for jumping ahead. i read it a different way. i'm sorry. you forgive me?
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  8. I vote for 9,8,6,3 :D:D:D:D::D:D:
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  9. Except that the biggest expense can't be "cut" unless Justin changes his mind and forgives the rest of the agreement...
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  10. Im still a little lost. Can some one explain this a bit better to me in PM?
  11. Ok, I understand what Aikar has said about the EULA still being there for older versions, however, it has been there this whole time, yet we have done this! The server.properties for 1.7.9 and older does not make you re-accept the EULA. I'm fairly sure that we could still run, as we are, on 1.7.9. If I was running a server, that is the way I would do it.
    Feel free to correct me and tell me I'm stupid.
  12. I seem to be confused.

    I do not understand why Justin's name keeps coming up here. The overall expenses of the server are yours. As players, it does not help to know what those expenses are, especially those that are out of the control of change. It comes across as 'If we can't afford to stay up, blame Justin'. Which is awfully negative, because instead of saying something reasonable like 'Yeah we could cut costs by bringing down and consolidating some servers but,....' you say 'I can't even do that because I have to pay to Justin'. While I, and the rest of the community, applaud you 'bailing out' EMC in a time of need, I doubt any one would have wanted you to do so to pressure guilt onto other avenues as reasoning for why decisions must be made.

    You have made your point, Justin is an expense. But he is not the only one. I am simply saying that instead of saying that if supporterships drop or the max payable amount drops that an inevitable shutdown is on the rise, you could inform your community that you would find OTHER ways to prevent that. Like consolidating servers that are underused into one or two servers that would be utilized fully (at the same time giving that reserved slot its money worth again). I am sure many community members would agree they would rather see servers consolidated than just the automatic dismissal because you could not rearrange enough to make the CURRENT set up affordable.

    I am simply saying that if less time was spent complaining about what Justin must be paid, an expense you have made clear is ever present, and the complications with compliance, which mojang has shown no signs of wavering, you could bring to the community things that COULD be changed as far as costs you CAN control. Like server costs.


    Just a quick a note.. there were TONS of iron supporters back in the early days of EMC for one amazing reason... availability. The servers were full, the only way to get on, was to be a supporter most of the time. I know that is why I bought iron the very first day I was on here. I think you would be surprised in your supporter numbers rising by consolidating servers and at the same time cutting costs, but having people be supporters just to access that reserved slot feature.

    I know your numbers now show lots of diamond supporters, but instead of trying to make Cosmetic packages and Watered down versions of the previous supporter ranks worth the $20 of Diamond, why not make a cheaper option and that reserved slot would be the shining glory? Iron supporters at one point outnumbered many others, only because that reserved slot was worth it. To play on a great server when you wanted. Why not offer a great experience and just cut your costs and resources because the situation calls for it?

    That is personally what I would do, and a suggestion I mention LONG before this. If your very most peak days on ad campaign heavy days is around 260... then just put enough servers up to handle 200... You are trying to convince people to spend money on something that is not worth to them what it was before. So instead, bring it back to the root, people use to PAY to play on EMC, because you could not get on other wise.

    There are multiple positives that come along with that. You have much more population on all the servers of everyday players. You have cohesive activity of hundreds of players on 3 or 4 servers instead of 10's of players on 10. You have maxed out slots during most of the peak hours, which for those that have 5 or 10 dollars laying around, is enough incentive to get a supporter package, under only one stipulation, that when they log on, they get an amazing experience. You can offer extras all day, the first day I gave 5 dollars to EMC, as well as hundreds of players of the past did, was not because of the perks it provided, but because it was the only way I could access the most amazing server I had ever known.
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  13. I would like an apology in song. Jk we good!:p
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  14. Silly bats
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  15. This thread is really serious, so I'd like to just make a quick reminder post:

    We all love EMC and each other. So here is a picture of a cat wearing goggles.

    ...carry on.
  16. I agree 100%, Aikar you are always doing what's needed to make EMC the best it can be. I appreciate everything you are doing to keep it going. I will support EMC, perks or no perks. I've have a lot of good times here!
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  17. Thank you Aikar and all the other people, from developers, moderators, website contributers, etc, who generously donate their time to keep EMC going. Aikar, I think you handle all the criticism and advice thrown your way graciously.

    I like the plans you have made so far to adjust EMC to Mojang's new environment and I am optimistic that EMC will get the funding it needs.
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  18. Keep going Aikar! :)
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  19. Ismooch makes some good points Aikar.

    Would you consider downsizing before shutting down?

    That seems like a very logical and valid way to go.