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Nov 1, 2014
Apr 30, 2014
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Boyfriend got run over by a Jeep, as a result had to get a loan on my laptop til he can get back to work, see ya all soon (hopefully)! Sep 29, 2014

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Nov 1, 2014
    1. Mirr0rr
      If you actually have bred 1,000,000 horses and if you bought all the golden carrots you would have spent 9,000,000r
    2. PudgiePanda
      wheres your shop chests for 130-140 horses?
      1. Rachel
        Oops, forgot to put the sign explaining that back in the lobby. I sell 128+ horses individually, they're too rare and in-demand to keep in stock in a mall-type store. Currently I think I only have a couple 128's in stock, due to my recent break I've only just started breeding again last week.
        Oct 10, 2014
    3. Rachel
      Boyfriend got run over by a Jeep, as a result had to get a loan on my laptop til he can get back to work, see ya all soon (hopefully)!
      1. Alyattayla
        i hope his is alright though
        Sep 29, 2014
      2. 1MB
        I wish you both the best :)
        Sep 29, 2014
      3. Sambish
        Best of luck to both of you and a hopeful fast recovery!
        Sep 29, 2014
    4. Hashhog
      Congrats on the CA. I don't really know you, but you seem nice. :) Glad you won!
    5. Rachel
      Heading on vacation; back in a week or so!
    6. Rachel
      Busy breeding horses!
    7. HarleyButterBuns
      I'm looking to buy two of your 130-140 speed horses and the shop is out. You have any elsewhere?
      1. Rachel
        Sorry, those are REALLY rare. Keep checking back, if I ever get any in stock that's where they'll be!
        Jun 2, 2014
    8. Rachel
      Come to the Grand Opening of my racetrack today at /v 5011!
    9. Olga
      Who's alt? ^.^
      1. Rachel
        Lol no one's. Although the first 2 months of my time here was spent as Artisan_of_Agony, but I have my own acct now. ^^
        Jun 1, 2014
      2. roblikescake
        Couldn't imagine how ;)
        Jun 23, 2014
    10. Rachel
      Gone for a couple days (or at least much less active) while I help my parents out while they're in town. See you all on the flip-side!
    11. NathanRP
      Awesome auction yesterday the 4th stall is worth alot more than i won it for
      1. DragaoNimhe likes this.
      2. Rachel
        Told you :3
        But I'm glad you enjoyed it ^^
        May 19, 2014
      3. NathanRP
        And happy b-day
        May 19, 2014
    12. Rachel
      An awesome birthday... ending with me, my horse, and all of my best gear walking headfirst into lava. *ragequit*
      1. Roslyn
        D: Need new horse and stuff?
        May 19, 2014
    13. roblikescake
      Wow not even following me :(
      1. Rachel
        :O nooo i totally was
        ...wth happened? O.o
        May 18, 2014
      2. roblikescake
        Much better.
        May 18, 2014
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    /v 3276 for horses!