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What is the most annoying unwritten elitist rule you have heard thus far

Don't bump old threads... because people don't bump current stuff constantly 5 vote(s) 11.9%
Double post police 7 vote(s) 16.7%
I think you have strayed from the topic, you must be thread hijacking 1 vote(s) 2.4%
You didn't use spoilers, noob 3 vote(s) 7.1%
I think you have strayed from the topic, you must be thread hijacking 2 vote(s) 4.8%
You are spamming so im gonna respond with spam to show that you are spamming because... SPAM 4 vote(s) 9.5%
similar to spam... trolling the troll is troll you troll 4 vote(s) 9.5%
Thank god I'm not a forum warrior and don't have to deal with the self nominated forum nazis 4 vote(s) 9.5%
I'm a forum elitist, I need these "rules" 12 vote(s) 28.6%
  1. This is not just an EMC problem, this really is an internet problem, although it bugs me just as much here as it does anywhere else and I have spent most of my time here lately. Those people that spend 1,000's of hours a week(don't question) on the forums and have developed this elitist attitude that the peons of the forums must follow how they think things should be done. Usually resulting in the degeneration of the forum, the thread or the social activity of said forums. Not to mention the ensuing and unnecessarily long lists of rules/guideline/read this before posting/ omg soo much text im leaving this site right now.

    I thought forum moderators were put in place for a reason and that forum rules were there for a reason? I understand common sense prevails but in my experience anytime one of these frivolous "rules" are brought up it is done so in a demeaning "go think about what you did noob" kind of way. I think EMC moderators and staff are double tasked with in game and forum duties but irregardless, I know its not my job to police the forums. So, here is the thread that makes fun of all the self elected forum nazis. Don't forget to vote for your "favorite" forum "rule"

  2. my favorite is (in the Auctions section) :

    "Invalid bid! So I will make yet another unreelated post that isn't even a bid just to point a finger and laugh at you when I could just hit the report button, but no. I chose to point and laugh instead."
  3. definitely missed that one in the poll. I have only once pointed out an invalid bid... however it was only because I was bidding. Probably a product of parroting what I had seen. I suppose pointing out an invalid bid, when I just bid well over it, was pretty senseless. *suspects himself of becoming a forum elitist, time to turn off the computer for a while*
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  4. This, especially when the person corrects their bid afterwards.
  5. I voted the last one because I do not see people being rude or anything like how you worded them? Most posts I make/read are very civilized and not many people are being elitists.

    It might be taking place on other threads I have not read.

    Especially the:

    "You didn't use spoilers, noob" I have never ever seen anyone say this.

    And bumping of old threads is not a rule but a suggestion it does say "please do not bump this post blah blah" but if you do bump it oh well.
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  6. I don't care for the rule of "You can't take back the bid" rule. :/
  7. It messes up auctions if people take back bids.

    Say the current bid is 30k. There is a 24-hour auction ending time. I then bid 50k. 23 hours later, I cancel a bid. The auction is over with 30k as the winner.

    Now say you wanted the items, but only had 40k to spend. You would have bid, had it not been for my 50k bid. You lose out on the items, and the host loses out on rupees.

    This is one of the many examples of why taking back bids won't work.
  8. I really hate when people correct others spelling/grammer. It is rude, And makes them look like a jerk.
  9. I agree that the way some people point out improper spelling/grammar is rude, but honestly, if it needs to be pointed out, you must be doing something very wrong.
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  10. Wow with all the grotesque stuff on the forums, "retarded" as an adjective gets removed from the poll XD
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  11. You're joking, right? If not... "wow" is all I can say.
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  12. Not joking. Not only was it removed but now that option makes absolutely no sense and has the most votes.

  13. As far as the spoilers go, I haven't seen anyone be demeaning about that one, usually joking but the poll is supposed to be kinda humorous even if it is an outlet for frustration.

    Bumping old threads is a "forum etiquette" that has evolved in the past couple of years and is really annoying. Especially when there are some old threads that are GOLD and there are many times that there is literally nothing going on on the forums worthy of note while at the same time threads get bumped over and over and over that no one replies to. With the proliferation of the mentality that somehow old threads shouldn't be bumped recently, I'm sure the constant nagging of people that jumped on that bandwagon is what led to the red lettered notification that says it is, and I quote "rude" which is just silly :D
  14. You got me in a bad time (or good one) and I am going to be blunt. I have a small problem with this poll.

    I cannot help get the feeling, misplaced as it might be, that you found yourself on the wrong side of a staff decision and are now venting. Which I can respect, let there be no mistake there. But even so, main issue: your word against theirs. Retarded got removed? No offense but.. how am I to know for sure? (this goes both ways; I cannot tell if the staff changed it or if you did.. ergo..).

    Which leads up to my point of commenting. I AM one of those people who spends a lot of his spare time (most of it anyway, and even working hours if that works out (telephone support at home)) on Empire Minecraft. Both in-game and the forums. And.... I can't combine the image you put up with the things here. Obviously I'll also be the first to admit that I don't see everything going on here. For sure. But even so; most of the EMC moderators I came across do not fit the profile of "go think about what you did noob" way.

    And yes, I know what you said:

    "not just an EMC problem". Ergo: you think its also an EMC problem. So where did this happen? Give us links, give us examples.

    As said, no offense, but for all I know you could have started an auction, bumped the thread one too many times and a regular user pointed out your mistake. And now you're angry at the user who did that. In this situation you may think "elitist", but to me "elitist" would mean clicking report. Instead of hitting report and be done with things ("let the mods sort it out") the user took his time to warn you about the mistake.

    In this example you say elitist, some would say mini-modding, I say: the community at its finest.

    That is of course not saying that there are no problems. But... I just can't relate to any of this where the EMC forums are concerned. Give us an example or such...
    • There is a reply button, USE IT
    • There is a like button. Please stop quoting posts to just say lol or XD
    • Start using things like lol and XD in the right context.
      Example: "I just ate cake, LOL!" Is the cake a clown or something? That is not remotely funny.
    • Why are some people not in love with stone slabs? Those people make me sick!
  15. My reply button doesnt work unless i'm on mobile
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  16. What browser are you currently using?
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  17. Internet Explorer
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  18. I think at a bad time would probably be right? I didn't say anything about the forum moderators. Contrare, I said those that ARE NOT forum moderators. However if you look at the poll its obvious which one makes absolutely no sense and as far as I know you cant alter polls after you post them, hence why so many posts asking moderators to change them? If you COULD then you could easily make the polls say the exact opposite of how they turned out.

    Edit: If I had changed it I would have at least made it make sense ;-)
  19. I suggest you use Firefox or Chrome.
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