Uh, so this means what?

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  1. Greens party... Ugh them and all those global warming lies. Shame it dosent exist.
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  2. I was being sarcastic
    Not a drinker of that kool-aid at all ;)
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  3. All media is biased in one way or another. You're getting a version of the news that the puppet masters who pull the strings (sponsors, political powers, etc...) want you to hear.
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  4. oh thank god..... i was frightened there for a while.
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  5. I am pro greenpeace D:
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  6. Republican, Democract, Tea-Party, Greenpeace parties or any other parties I didn't say. We might have different views but guess what most of us are going to do same when last time this happen " just went on with are own buinsess like any other day."
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  7. Also if you get offended because someone said something bad about your party well guess what " welcome to politics " because you offend at least someone. Been like that for hundred of years and ain't going anywhere.
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  8. I don't understand anything, is Obama taking vacations or what?
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  9. Obama is not really involved in this... like, at all.
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  10. He is...but that's a whole different topic, haha.
  11. What is happening? Why I can't visit NASA.gov???
  12. To be honest, unless if you actually work for the government itself, or military (part of government), or sometimes work for trans-state, or airlines - None of this should really even effect you...

    I get up, eat, go to school, drive a car, play online... nothing I own is paid for nationally - it's mainly state...even most of my taxes and bills are state side.

    And personally, I feel like most states are in surplus of money, it's the nation itself that is holding us back, and is keeping us in debt, and throwing out all these bills for unnecessary changes that are keeping us from progressing.

    If states are allowed to keep up with their own tax rates, pay for school systems, have their own court systems, internet providers being handled by mayors and governors decisions, why should we worry about what the government does - to me all the government does is cause hype ... but it's never influenced any big changes in my every day to day life...

    Are we considered poor because the united states is trillions of usd in debt?
    Until a few years ago, we were thought of us a glorified country, that people could go to, and live a worry free lifestyle - we were later called spoiled compared to other countries because we are able to get luxury items more easily than others... but if we are able to obtain these items - I would definitely not consider us in debt - and I'll happily say - 'It's just a label'

    Are we corrupt because there are so many bad decisions within our government?
    Another controversial statement - however, I wouldn't consider US citizens corrupt, yes the government makes decisions that have bad outcomes, and sometimes effect other countries and ourselves - but the people themselves shouldn't be considered corrupt - We are separate entities from the unity as a whole.
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  13. But why?
  14. Long story short; Our government has no idea wtf it's doing and hasn't for many many years.
  15. Oh
    Spanish politicians at least know what they do: rob us.
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  16. Nope, GTA5 Online obviously.

    Ok, Mr. Anon's opinion time.

    1. This has happened 17 times since 1970
    2. Obamacare plays a huge role in this.

    Obamacare says everyone is equal medically. Now how is all this money coming from to pay for all the medical stuff people have on Obamacare? Our taxpayer dollars. Anyways, Last year when the Democracts ruled the house (of representatives), literally the house speaker said "Obamacare is a huge bill, we didn't read it so we just need to pass it to see what it does" Anyways, before they had a chance to pass it, Republicans took power over the house. They, of corse, are against the bill. Now that's its October, government be like "where all teh money be" and so they shut down. Republicans, because they own the house, are trying to pass a bill. That bill says "we can run the government and decide on the budget December 14th.......but Obamacare can't be passed for another year."

    Anyways, considering the bill of rights is vilolated by NSA and Obamacare, our government
  17. But this means the people who work in the government will not be payed? and politicians are going to be payed or not?