Uh, so this means what?

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  1. So, US government has shut down. And apparently it could lead to a crash of the US economy, which would obviously lead to a crash in the global economy. I'm going to wait and see what happens now...

  2. noones gonna let the economy crash its a gop scare tactic
  3. *sigh this kinda happens every so often not big deal. Just scare tatic everything will run like always have. My suggestion to you is look back history more comman than you think.

    Also here's a link: http://www.infowars.com/government-shut-down-wont-actually-shut-down-government/
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  4. Mass Hysteria!!!

    But seriously, very irresponsible for the US government to put us (and every other country) in this much debt
  5. er....over this last administration, it certainly feels like we crashed ages ago though, haha.
  6. It's kinda weird to be able to say that we live in the "best" country to live in while having the worst government there is to have, haha.
  7. Worst government huh? *looks at North Korea and Somalia*
  8. While places like that operate under the name "government" I don't put them in that category for myself, haha. They fall under tyranny...although we've been getting close to that here and nobody seems to notice/care.
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  9. Goes looks for Ron Paul quote..... Hmm too many choices just give them all :p http://mobile.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/r/ron_paul.html
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  10. You're right. Your economy crashed when reagan took over in the 80s, it was just a very long fall since your country prospered so well in the 50-60-70s.

    Btw "fun" fact: Just having a single aircraft carrier in service costs 400 mil pr year, the US has 10 of those in service, 2 in reserve and 3 are beeing made right now, oh and btw they cost 4.5 billion to make. You think these are large sums right? but its only a fraction of what the navy alone spends. The US has over 436 active ships(cruisers,subs,destroyers etc etc) so imagine the total cost of that? and thats only the navy :p

    While it might be fun to brag to foreigners about your vast army, its not very healthy for your economy. And can anyone really say you need to have that massive amount in service?
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  11. So. Did they fix it yet :L
  12. I am an independent but atm I am mad at the GOP. They are trying to deny Obamacare for the 47th time or so and are threatening to shut down the government. I can't even see how this is would happen and they seem as if they love their country so much they would let it go to waste... The USA politicians are making a mockery of their own image.
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  13. They're doing it FOR the country. Obamacare is a bad bill and was presented in a horrible way. We've been slowly building up to his happening though based on the way we create laws. In my opinion, laws should be no longer than...I'll give them 3 pages, so every part of it could be understood by a child before being passed or denied.

    I could talk to 10 different friends about Obamacare and each of us know something different about it that is opposite what the other ones knew. This isn't the fault of any of us, but how the law was created and presented to us.

    Even the democrats that are mega for it don't properly understand it and that should scare the crap out of anyone as to the things that might be in/hidden in the law. Last I heard Obama care was hundreds of pages and when you ask a liberal to explain what exactly is in the law they generally respond like this:

  14. The Federal Reserve is a big part of the problem. It is a privately bank owned by mostly non US banks.
    Then there is the corrupt military/industrial complex.
    And not forgetting the drug companies dedicated to keeping you as customers (sick).

    The USA is the most corrupt country ever.
    Not a comment on Americans, I lived in LA for 2 years and met many nice people.
  15. As an American, I'd like to thank you for not linking me with our current government. :D
  16. Fox is horrible to use , they are biases
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  17. Sorry to tell you...but every news source is biased. Fox is the only one that's not under complete control by the liberal media.

    Also...you quoted a live video of the person in question. Using the term "bias" doesn't work here.
  18. Meanwhile here in Australia, another beautiful sunny warm day :)
  19. I think many people fail to realize that ObamaCare, makes it a federal offense to not have health insurance.. Unless I am mistaken and they finally removed that provision.. People who can't afford health insurance and don't qualify for medicare are being forced to buy ObamaCare or face federal time. The GoP were trying to stop this from happening.. There is a major difference between Socialist medicine and Totalitarian medicine.. Anyways, while many people hail Obama as the best thing since Sliced Bread, why are people backing him..? He publicly terrorizes innocent people by claiming that they are in cahoots with terrorists. In addition of wanting to start a full out nuclear war with Syria, while his party affiliations are generally against war. Meanwhile, President Putin, (a former KGB officer), is trying to push for peaceful means of dealing with the chemical warfare developments in Syria.. ICC, I apoligize if this post steps over any lines in posting, and if it does, I will gladly delete it.. I just wanted to get it off my chest.
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