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  1. What are all of your typing speeds? This is a website I use because its simple. My best score so far has been 77 WPM.

    I hope to improve once I get rid of my laptop and crappy membrane keyboard, and onto a nice k70 mx red.

    Share your scores below :)

    Website link: http://typing-speed-test.aoeu.eu/?lang=en
  2. Mine was pretty crappy, but I only did it once and I got 64. It's better than when we took typing tests in third grade though. I only got around 30 back then. :p
  3. 65
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  4. I get ~130 usually. I do a lot of typing :)
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  5. I don't generally type well, just because I do have a deficiency of possessing tasks. I overall got a 53 words per minute and I am fairly impressed of myself. If this was true for my essay that I need to write. (Which I still haven't finished) I could finish it in a hour but it will take me about 2 hours of thinking/pondering/Writing on what to type first.
  6. We get these threads/status updates kind of often, but I'll try again ;)
    Preferably not on iPad this time though, as part of the screen broke and I can't use the letter 'q'. (I can, but I need to type '.w' which might not be accepted by such tests.)
  7. Use a computer 607 ;)
  8. I tend to keep on trying to fix my mistakes a lot which might be making my score go lower or higher I'm not sure.
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  9. Um, did you actually share the link to the website?... :p
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  10. My best is 136 at 100% accuracy. Someone did a thread a while back with a website I used. My job is to type as people talk, so I have to be quick at it.
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  12. I'm pretty quick as people talk because I can look down =)
    Normal typing I'm terrible at if I have to look at the screen.
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  13. Thanks, Sach!
    I'm on iPad now though, so might not get too good of a score, as the screen is kind of broken.

    I got 492 CPM, 98 WPM. I got a word with a Q though, which I couldn't do. :p
    Still pretty decent for on iPad, right? ;)
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  14. 438 which was... uh oh... 87cpm I think.

    I like the test but it's not entirely fair (IMO) because this is not how you normally type out sentences and such. If you can remember a sentence you can type it much easier (and quicker). Which also adds more of a challenge: create sentences which are somewhat common yet with a few different words or meanings, and then you'll create something a lot of people will go wrong (or right) with :)

    Hmm, now I guess I need to take a 3min break :)
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  15. I've been able to type pretty quickly and accurately for over a decade and I still hardly ever get the words "initials" and "lawyer" correct on the first try for some reason. I actually have to type those words a lot in my transcriptions too since most of them start out with the reading of Miranda rights and you have to initial them at the end lol.
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  16. I got the following on my second try: 457 CPM, 438 corrected, which means 88 WPM. Feeling pretty good about it. :)

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  17. 405 CPM/81 WPM.