Tunnel of Love: Boat PvP Event!

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  1. Boat PvP Valentines Day Event!
    Last Event Time: Today at 5pm EMC Time with JDHallows!

    Love is in the air, and so are arrows! Prepare yourself for the ultimate Tunnel of Love ride! Many will enter the tunnel, but only one will leave.

    The goal is simple: enter the arena and use your bow and arrow to break other player's boats. The last boat in the arena wins! Since you can have two players in a boat, you have the choice of playing by yourself, or make a team with another player and work together to dominate the arena!

    Head on over to /v tunnel_of_love on Utopia! Make sure you bring a bow and a boat with you to play! (If you don't have one, one can be provided for you).

    Boat PvP Leaderboard:

    Individual Player - Wins (Final)

    Rundercaster - 17
    Sportaflop - 8
    tomtark - 4
    Sachrock - 3
    JegerXD - 1
    AshokaTower -1
    bartonkids_deco1 - 2
    Doofankfofkort - 1
    Evilertoade - 1
    ExExUnderscore - 1
    KatelynAnn - 1
    mahoganymal - 1
    Qkazoo - 1
    RainbowKatzchen - 1
    Teodorn - 1
    Skeletin007 - 1
  2. Lmao, sounds good (not for me of course but still sounds good)!
  3. Tell me times asap then I can be there :D
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  4. Oh wow, pvp in the tunnel of love. Lol
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  5. Sounds fun! I'll be there
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  6. Awesome sounds Fun
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  7. Sounds awesome! I can't make it due to it being at 4am but I hope everyone has fun
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  8. Haha, that sounds cool! Have fun! :)
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  9. Rly.. 4am
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  10. This event will be ran at multiple times this week, pending how well it runs the first time. We're purposefully hosting at a time when the first go around won't have a ton of people. Consider them the guinea pigs =)
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  11. Apparently it's 11 Am today not pm.

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  12. Sorry, error was made on the post, first one is at 11am today, another one at 11pm tonight (EMC time)
  13. That makes sense.
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  14. I don't think that the cupids bow works for destroying boats
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  15. I cant make either times >.<
    Its either im at school or too late
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  16. A certain player *cough*Sachrock*cough* has informed me that you can not use Cupid's Bow to break boats. :confused:

    Thus, if you have a bow, bring it with you, and a boat too. :p
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  17. This sounds very fun! Best of luck all!
  18. Final times are in, we were making some last minute changes to the "official" times and figuring stuff out this morning to see how it was going to work. See main thread post above for official times for the rest of the week ^

    Edit: Like Krysyy said, we wanted to do some more testing on "guinea pigs" this morning :p
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  19. It was a fun event. Sorry I couldn't stay for more than just the first 2 rounds. Though I won the first round the second round I came in to confident. Was taken out early...lol
    I'll definitely be back for one of the two later event rounds. Peace and Love be with all of you today.
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