TNT??? Yes, Please.

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yes 15 vote(s) 48.4%
yes please 29 vote(s) 93.5%
Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Most of the surrounding residences belong to me or Blotterhead actually. Many projects going on at once lol
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  2. I’d like to donate a DC of TNT to the cause!

    Could you set up an access chest for me? :)
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  3. Of course! Thank you! Ill msg ya when i get on later
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  4. another 1/8th done, So close to half way!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Let me know when your planning to make this thing go kaboom and I will stream it for you. Shouldn't be any problem for the Overcooled Budget PC ;)
  6. Enough to put a hole in the bedrock
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  7. Halfway there! (well its actually been over halfway for awhile but now it actually looks like it)

  8. Looks pretty halfway to me
  9. I have a few DCs in stock at /v 13131 and /v 7313 :p
  10. 25% to go, getting there guys

  11. What will you do when you fill it?
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  12. Blow it up? ;)
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  13. Make it go all the way up to 255 height limit! (THEN explode it)
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  14. Will aikar be mad at us if this crashed the server
  15. i miss the old days when u could light tnt on other peoples residences lol
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  16. Upon completion I will do a poll to see what time and day works best for everyone then

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